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I’ve been playing Amplitude again since I can’t seem to focus on anything else right now (I tried to load up Vampire yesterday, but got distracted before I even started the game). I’ve been getting better again and finding “the zone” once in a while, but it still gets frustrating as I’m starting with the game partially completed and that means I’ve already done all the easy levels back when I first got the game. I tried playing online the other day but that was just pathetic on multiple levels. For one, there was really only one game to be played, and it was at a difficulty level I was not prepared for, so I just did horribly. Anyway, it’s been fun and I’m once again wishing that someone, somwhere released soundtracks not only for Amplitude, but also it’s predescesor FreQency. I managed to rip a bunch of tracks out of FreQuency a while back, but they’re not the best quality and they repeat strangely since they’re all set to loop on the game. I wish someone would just release a CD with these games, I mean if they’re going to get all real artists together to make the music for a game, you might as well cash in on that and sell the compilation CD.

Heather’s sick today. I really think a lot of her problems (if not all of them) stem from her inability to relax. A couple years ago, I encouraged her to exercise more because I thought it would help her manage stress and allow her to enjoy her time at home better, but she couldn’t really keep it up and didn’t really feel like it was helping any. Today shes curled up in bed, tied up in knots with a stomach ache and I’m convinced it’s probably stress related. She just can’t relax like normal people, if she isn’t distracted by TV or asleep, she’s constantly thinking (and more importantly, worrying) about something. She’s constantly stressed out about something, work, sex, house work, money, etc. She just can’t stop worrying and mulling over things. It makes me sad to see her this way, and I really wish I could help, but she doesn’t have the energy and the willpower to change her living habits to be better, healthier, or more active, so she worries about that, too.

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June 23, 2004

Hm, the Dr. Phil show had a guest with about the same problem a while ago, maybe you could go check his webpage out and see if there’s related info. Could help. Luck. (=

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