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It’s Wednesday

and I’m in the lab for the third day this week. My ass is getting tired from sitting in this chair. In the office I at least get to stand up and walk around more. In the lab I’m pretty much sitting at the desk the whole time. I’ve got another movie for today, but I just haven’t started watching it yet. I was hoping Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury would be in my mailbox yesterday, but all there was was one of those catalogs of catalogs. Talk about a boring mail day.

Okay, I’m putting the movie in

Right, so zero_interruptNick just stopped by to tell me that Tuk sends me his “Warmest Regards.” What a fucker. I never know what he means.

Bah, I don’t have anything to say.

Well, last night Heather and I saw BIG: Electric Guitar on which they mad an Electric Guitar 30′ 8″, strung with Piano wire, and made the most amazing sound I’ve ever heard. I’ve never heard bass that low. When they picked a string and ran up the neck with a slide, it sounded like a motorcycle driving by… a big motorcycle. Yeah, it was cool.

I need coffee.

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