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Citi-bank E-MAIL Verificatiion

I’m sorry, but this one doesn’t even look convincing…

_Dear Citi Card-holders,

This_ EMAIL was sennt by_t_he Citibank serevrs to verify your _EMAIL addres.
You must complete this process by clicking on_the__link bellow and entering
in the small _window your _Citibank_ Debbit full_Card_Number and CARD_PIN that
_you_use in_the local_ATM_Machine. That_is _done_ for_your protection becourse some of our
membres members have access to their _mail adrress and we must verify it.

http : //

To verify _your _EMAIL_ adderss and acces _your OnlineCitibank
account, clic on_the__link _below_.

10 replies on “Citi-bank E-MAIL Verificatiion”

I was beginning to wonder, and you’d said that they’d done just that in previous entries.

be sure to take time to breathe once in a while. I’ve chosen 2002-2007.

Oh yeah, I’m taking mandatory walking breaks just to break the style. It’s just weird the last 2 weeks. I have a ton of work (twice as much as usual) but I’m getting it done in record time. I guess motivation or something is getting to me.

oh, I get that too, but it’s been a good week for non-porn spam.

I’m trying to decide if I want to make a LJ Spam Community.

Wow. That’s superbly authentic >_o;

Isn’t there someplace you could report scams like that? You’ve got to assume that eventually some poor sucker will lose their life savings to one of these things.

or only post if it’s really worthy. I know there’s a way you can set it up that the moderators have to approve all postings. I’d probably do it thatway, otherwise the spam journal would get over spammed.

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