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Today wasn’t too bad. Work was slow, it feels like the semester is winding
down. There were a couple hiccups in the lab, but otherwise, all was quiet.
We watched an episode of Penn & Teller’s: Bullshit recently on the topic of
PETA. As a result, I have recomended that Heather not donate any more money
to those forked tongued, guilt-tripping, hypocrites.

At the moment, I am sitting with Heather, listening to the first Dean
Candidate talk about what he would like to see happen to the school in the
“future.” Like most interviews and “campaign speeches,” its difficult to
determine how much of what he’s saying is what we, the faculty & staff want
to hear. There were definitely moments that felt like that. Its as it he
had certain “buzz words” that he intended to hit to make the audience
happy, but mostly just including those words so each person feel special.
But I don’t want to feel special, I want to feel necessary.

Colaboration seems to be his hot topic.

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