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well, it’s getting darker out and I swear I can smell the rain on the air through the ventilation system of the building. The leaves on the trees haven’t really perked up though, so maybe I’m just imagining it.

I had a couple hot dogs and some Cheese-Its for lunch today. Got back to find out that Flash was “glitchy” in the lab. Gee, thanks for the detailed report. Afterwards I’m asked if I ever figured out how to fix that problem I was just told about 5 minutes ago.

“Uh, no?”
“We had this same problem six months ago, didn’t you fix it then?” the student tech says.
“Yeah, I told you to make the program crash and report back.”
“I did, and I told you all I had to do was launch the app.” he replies.
“Uh, you never got back to me on that.”

This is getting to be a theme here. This is the third time this week someone’s asked me how I’m doing on something when I was waiting for them to give me more information. Sheesh.

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it wasn’t even that incident so much as the number of them piling up…

Sometimes I feel like the damn,
sometimes I feel like I’m being drowned by the river.

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