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Getting my Geek On!

I’m setting up a new game for some friends of mine. It’s going to be using the Spycraft system and setting. I’ve started a new web page for it (because that’s what I do, I make goofy web pages that no more than 10 people will ever look at). I just wanted to show it off here and see what other people think of it.

It’s still in progress and missing some vital information, but it’s going well so far, I think.

Don’t worry about what to put in the opening pop-up, you can type anything, it don’t matter.

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Technically, you can’t obtain legal authorization to operate outside the Constitution, since the Constitution is the basis for all law in the US. You might instead say something like, “We’ve been given tacit approval to operate in a manner that might sometimes run counter to established legal principles.”

Other than that, the site looks pretty good. There are some other typos and such, but that’s about it. You might want to go to Recycled and look at the Dark*Matter Alternity campaign book they had in there last time I was there, as well as GURPS Warehouse 23 and GURPS Conspiracy X. They should give you some nice inspiration.


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