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Wow, the fog from this morning is finally bruning off, but it was so awesome. We had like 20-40 feet of visibility when we drove in. It was so awesome. I love weather so much, I just wish there was a bit more of it here in Texas. We get a lot of the “good” stuff (warm days, sunshine, low humidity) and not enough of the “bad” stuff (fog, rain, storms, snow).

Anyways, I’ve been a bit off the last couple days. I think my body’s killing something this week. My ears are a bit stopped up, which makes me both partially deaf and a bit dizzy. Also, yesterday, my thinking started drifting so far from logical and linear, I’m surprised I got as much done as I did. As I commented late last night, I got some work done on my D&D web page, but I also resolved some pretty fucked up issues in the lab, assigned a pretty creative project to a couple of my lab attendants, and just all around took care of business.

In the process of getting my D&D page updated, I did teach myself some things about Java and some menus I’d generated in FireWorks well in the past. While there’s no way I’d ever be able to code them myself, I can at least build and configure them completely manually now.

We played some more MK:DD last night. Damn that game is good. Even getting our asses handed to us by Peach & Daisy, we still had fun. I played for a little while after Heather stopped. Since I’m the driver, I kind of feel like I’m in Cool Runnin’s. The three guys in the back of the bobsled go out and party while I sit and learn the tracks until I can drive them as fast as possible.

Anyway, I have work. or something like it to get back to.

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