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Damn, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! be rocking my balls. It’s the best game Heather and I have played together. Co-op play with your non-gamer spouse rocks the house.

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OMFG, it’s the only time my wife has hooted and hollared along with me while playing a game. And she felt really good when I would compliment her on a good hit or use of the power ups. I’ve never seen her so agressive in a game, and she played it for two hours straight, without getting bored.

Best Game Ever.

Now if I can just find some more GameCubes, some Broadband adapters and a bunch of TVs in one place… Muhahahaha!!!

You lucky bastard. EVERY store that sells games in Muncie has been out of it since Christmas. My brother rented it. We hooped and hollared so much we woke my parents up (talk about feeling like you’re 12 again). But, now we can’t get our hands on it. URG!

I bought it off of eBay, was REALLY lucky, because even though it’s sold out, I still got it for less than the MSRP!

We had a console party tonight, had a ton of games but only played that and Halo. W00T!

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