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Have I said before that I hate phone tech support? I just got off the phone with Belkin tech support, I was on the phone with them for almost an hour so that they could tell me one small little thing that should have been in the manual to begin with. I’m going to spell it out in infinite (read: excesive) detail here so that maybe someone will find the answer in a google search where I couldn’t. I don’t know how quick my journal will come up in a seach, but since my searches got me a total of 3 results in google, I think it may be helpful to someone.

I was trying to install a Belkin F1U401 4×1 USB Peripheral Switch. I had it connecting both a Mac and a PC to an HP LaserJet 1200. When I sat down at the PC, I could take control of the switch box, no matter what port I was plugged into, but when I sat down at the Mac, I couldn’t even figure out how to take control. The manual was written specifically for PC and had no information on how to actually use the application that it installed on the Mac. The PC was running Windows 2000 and the Mac was running OSX. When I got on the phone with Tech support, they asked me a lot of questions that just seemed to dance around the subject. My question being, how do I take control of the switchbox from my Mac. After an hour of waiting, he finally tells me to press Alt+F11 on the mac to take control. Why did it take him an hour to tell me just to press Alt + F11? Why didn’t they have that listed in the manual? Why didn’t they have an update online to tell me that? Why wasn’t it in their forum anywhere? Why doesn’t anyone anywhere tell you this? Why did I have to spend an hour of my life waiting to hear something that should have been in the manual?

Sorry about that, I just needed to make sure that all that was written down in a public forum somewhere. In fact, I’m tempted to make a web page dedicated to that one piece of information, just to save countless hours in the world. I don’t think anyone deserves to go through that.
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