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It’s been a long, dark day. Even the last three hours of work after lunch (which usually seem to fly by) are dragging a bit. Maybe it’s because we didn’t go to 7/11 today, yeah, that’s probably it. I still had half a soda and half a bag of Cheetoes left from Monday, so I was okay.

I almost bought Final Fantasy Tactics Advance last night. I’m a bad boy for even thinking it, but I have these vacations coming up where I’ll want a game to play. Thanksgiving, I have no idea where we’re going, but I know I’ll want a distraction while we’re there. I always do. I like Heather’s family and all, but only in small, hour long doses. I need an escape. Tactics would be perfect for that. Then we’re going to Christmas in Virginia, and while that’s a much better trip and I can stand my parents for longer periods of time, and they don’t seem to get as grumpy when we take over the TV with a game system, I’d still like to have it with me for the car trip.

Heather suggested that I just put it on my Christmas list, but by the time I’d got it, I’d almost have no need for it anymore.

oh, by the way, I soooo need a sugar daddy, my Christmas list is too big and I have stuff on it my family can’t/won’t buy me.

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