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Money’s been tough, and it’s not necesarilly getting any easier. I’m trying very hard not to spend any of my allowance this month. I think I’ve only ever once had any rollover so I’m wanting to see what it’s like to have more than $100 in my account. We’ll see what happens. I don’t recall any new games or books on the horrizon, and if there are, well, Christmas is right around the corner.

I canceled my Citibank Visa today. It was really wierd to do so. It’s not really my oldest credit card, but it’s my most used card. It’s a Sony card so I get points to use toward Sony products when I use it for stuff. I didn’t have enough points in the end to get anything else, so the remaining points just went to waste. It’s probably best to have cancelled it though. I know this is kind of sick, but I had the number memorized. And just to add insult to injury, my only subscribed porn web site was tied to that account, too. Looks like I’ll be losing that as well. Too bad too, it was an awesome site. I also paid off my Best Buy card today too. As soon as I get the refund check in the mail, I’ll probably cancel it as well. I won’t be as concerned about it though, I can’t remember what I specifically got the card for, but I’ve pretty much abused it along the way (I think it was my old Toshiba computer, which is pretty scary). It’s so hard to give this stuff up, but I know full well that it’s for the best and it really is the best thing to do. We need to get ourselves out of debt and having credit cards around isn’t going to help at all. I really wish we had more money, I wish the school realized my importance and paid me more, I wish Heather was compenensated as well as she’s praised. She is more kick ass at her job than I am at mine and I know we’re both underpaid for the stress we suffer (but then again, I’m sure a lot of people feel that way).

She’s looking at car insurance options to see if she can lower that any, looks like we might be able to go a bit lower if we swtich to Progressive from Geico. I wonder what Geico would say if we told them we were switching. Could we get them to meet or beat Progressive’s rate (Heather, are you reading this?).

For now, I just have to learn to appreciate the things I have, sell the things I don’t need, and not long for the things I don’t have (Digital SLR camera, Wide Screen LCD TV). I really need to get back to selling on eBay. Anyone looking for a pile of 2nd Edition AD&D books? They’re all well loved, but the content is mint and none have dropped a page yet.

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Man, when Jenn and I cancelled pretty much all our credit cards at once it was actually kinda scary. It felt like having anykind of safety net just yanked out from under you. And yet, we’re doing ok. We just do FAR fewer impulse buys and generally go out to eat a lot less. Granted it does tend to make things like car repairs a bit more stressful, but somehow it all gets managed. I just knew as long as we had the cards we’d use them, and that just wasn’t helping our situation. So onward we march, trying to get out of debt. Yee Haw!

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