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Oooh… Ahhh…

Oh so achey today, and no, it’s not from the party Friday. Damn I wish there were more cameras, that was funny as shit. Some of the costumes there totally kicked ass.

  • OrosCraig’s take on the Priest with Small boy under his cloak was so much more disturbing since it was a skeleton, and then when he rested his drink on the boy’s head… Classic!
  • Paul showing up as the Jewish Nazi, oh man, with the red “jew beanie” and Jew4Life across his knuckles. Writing 001 on his arm totally finished the deal.
  • Kala’s Princess Die was pretty bad ass too. It was even better when we found out it was cynderJen’s Bridesmaid dress, it made it even funnier.
  • AramanceLaura’s Crack Whore prostitute was only complete after I suggested hanging the used condom from between her legs rather than the side of her thigh.
  • All I can say about Corwin75Steve is that I’m SOOO glad he had two black dots and not one. That means he was probably on a broadcast channel instead of a network station, because they’d show his butt.
  • I don’t know her name, but the cheeleader with the back alley abortion really did deserve two out of three prizes.
  • Even if I was rockin’ out with my cock out

Hell yeah, good party, good costumes, good drinks, good god I was sick afterwards. More on this weekend later, I have work to do!

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