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I downloaded and installed iTunes this afternoon and I have to say, not only do I feel corrupted, I actually feel let down. It rips CDs really slow, 4.4x vs. 12+x on MusicMatch. Fortunately it does have the option to rip and eject on CD Insert which is nice since I have a second computer at my feet that I can just do all my ripping on while I’m actually doing work. MusicMatch has been being a bitch lately, so I’m kind of shopping around for something new. I’m back to QCD right now, but MusicMatch just has some features that no one else on the planet has. I’m going to miss those features until I can get together the $60 to actually buy MusicMatch again. My lab staff meeting is in ten minutes, then it’s back to the house for our bi-weekly movie night. I’m excited, I like having people over and being able to share my movies is a really cool excuse to get people over to my house.

I really need to start looking into the whole D&D alternate setting thing again. I still have all my ideas, I just need to get to writing them down again so other people can read them so I can actually start the game so people can come over to the house to play D&D so I can actually be running a game again. Now that I’m pretty sure I won’t have to be running Vampire, I can concentrate back on my D&D game.

Damn, I gotta go pee before this meeting.

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