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I had two dreams the night before last (Wednesday night) that I kept meaning to talk a little about. Neither one was necesarilly nightmarish, but I wouldn’t classify either one as a good dream. The first was a work dream. There are a lot of politics about the web page here at work. I’m pretty much the only one who maintains it, but we’re on a temporary web page that’s only up until the “real” web page is finished (the real web page that’s been in progress for over two years). As a result, I don’t put a lot of time or effort into it, it is my lowest priority item, after all. I want to make a new one, even if it’s a new interim page, but I don’t feel that my work would truly be appreciated by the people who need to appreciate it, and I’ve been told, in no uncertain terms, to hold off on making a web page until I’m actually compensated beyond my normal pay. I’m more than willing to agree to this. Eventually, the “real” site will be done. Anyway, I’ve strayed away from the dream thing. I dreamt that another, worse, web page was created and I was forced to put it up in place of our current interim web site and no matter how much I argued, I was not allowed to alter this new one at all. It was not only frustrating, but a slap in the face because not only did they pay yet a third person to create this shitty page, but then they force me to put in in place. Fuck.

Dream two was a car dream. I don’t remember too many details about it, mostly I remember I took my new car and backed it into a pond by accident. From there, there was a lot of running around trying to figure out how to get it out of the pond and on the road because we were on a road trip and had just stopped at my Grandparent’s house for the night.

Oh, and I had another car dream last night too, but damned if I even remember what that one was.

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odd dreams…

i keep dreaming about tornados…whether they’re coming, that they’re right there and no one else can see them, that i’m in a bus when one hits it, that a select few can see them, but the rest done….can you see where this is going? i’ve had these dreams for about 3 months off and on…i think they’re trying to tell me something…

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