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LiveJournal Archives – 09/30/2003

It’s been a hectic couple days but we got some cool stuff done in the house. While I was tearing down the lighting in the kitchen and replacing it with a strip of track lighting, Heather was tearing up the carpet in the dining room and preparing to refinish it (though it may be in good enough condition to not require refinishing). All that and a few solid hours of D&D Heroes to boot.

Day One:The track lighting was an adventure in and of itself. It started out with two pieces that weren’t compatible in any stretch of the imagination. We bought a complete kit and some extra track to expand the kit a bit. Turns out that the kits are in no way compatible with the bulk track in the store. They look almost identical, but the connection piece was NOT going to fit that kit track at all. So after an hour or more of struggling with it, we took the kit back and bought the pieces individually. Funny thing is, they were almost the same price, within pennies. Stupid kit. We bought a new four foot track and lights to take the place of the kit and started to put it up on the ceiling. Then we realized that we were attatching a four foot track to a two foot track with a $2.00 connector. Why don’t we just go buy a 6 foot track. Oh, did I mention the ceiling under the old light fixture was rotted out and I put a golfball sized whole in it?

Day Two: When we take the two pieces of track and the connector back to the store, we find they don’t make 6 foot tracks, only 2, 4, and 8. Oh well, who knew track lighting was binary? We broke down and bought an 8 foot piece, it was only a couple dollars more anyway. Also we got some spackle for the whole in the ceiling. When we got home, the smaller holes from the old anchor bolts from the first two attempts were spackled, but the hole in the rotted section was not going to have it. I actually had to get some drywall paper and joint compound out to seal it up. Good as new. We put the track up, wired it and put the lights on. Really, from the point that everything was lined up to go, it took us, maybe, 45 minutes to finish. Sheesh, two days of effort for 45 minutes worth of work. Good thing we’re not on Monster Garage.

On the up side, when Heather pulled up the floor, she found it in fairly good condition. There’s a spot that’s water damaged over in the corner, but otherwise it’s pretty nice. I don’t know if she’s going to try to fix the water spot, replace the boards, or just find a piece of furniture to put over it. Right now she’s trying to decide if she can get away with not sanding it at all. It felt kind of rough right after she pulled up the carpet, but after a good sweeping and a go around with a pair of pliers, things are much better. She impresses me pretty much with every project she takes on. She can just trundle along the whole time through rain and shine and get the project done. She’s an amazing woman. The laundry room was the latest proof of her home improvement abilities. It wouldn’t be nearly as impressive if I didn’t know that she has no history with construction or home repair, or even tools for that matter.

At least now she holds the hammer right and understands why.

Anyway, tonight it’s the light over the sink and back to the Temple of Elemental Evil.

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