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LiveJournal Archives – 09/30/2003

So I’m working in the lab again today, two lab attendants sick. I hope nothing’s going around, not that it matters too much, I’m immune. I realize that, for the most part, I really enjoy working in the lab. I like doing desktop support, I like helping people figure out their problems. I like seeing, “meeting,” and talking to all the students and staff. I like being in this environment and having people trust me when I tell the what’s what and value my opinions and ideas when I’m in the lab. I like the fact that I’ve become somewhat of an authority (and an authority figure, though I’m happier about just being an authority on computers and software).

Heh, there’s a cute, punk girl wearing a raccoon tail in the lab today

I like the fact that people know who I am and ask me things by name. That they see me in the lab and greet me when I check them in. People actually seem to hear me when I talk now, which never really happened when I was a Lab Attendant. Maybe my demeanor is better, maybe it’s all the work I put in talking to the classes, maybe its a combination of both. All I know is that I genuinely enjoy my time in the lab now. I almost look forward to it.

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Mmmmm, cute punk girl with raccoon tail. I’ve seen her a number of times.

I still can’t really stand working behind the desk in the lab, drives me nuts. though the last time I did it it wasn’t AS bad as it could have been.

I’ve been at CI for a little over a year, and people are finally beginning to realize who I am. Now if only they would stop asking me “How do you stay up all night?” Gee, i don’t know…how do you stay awake all day? I should get it printed on a T shirt.

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