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So tonight we’re watching The Emperor’s New Groove. I think after the movie, I’m going to suggest making the next movie night next week and then every other week after that. We really enjoyed having Craig and Laura there and they’re now involved in something that meets every other Friday, on a cycle that presently conflicts with the movie night. By moving it off a week, we’ll be able to have them back again. Also, I think some other people may be able to show up as well. Maybe we can even rope Mike and Keri into showing up, too. Who knows.

I really want to watch Amelie at the next movie night, but people don’t seem to want to read a movie. I’ve also been toying with Six String Samaurai. Then again, maybe we’ll just go with the same method we used this time, rolling the Scatergories die.

After the movie we’re going to break the seal on D&D Heroes (Sorry aramance). vishvakarmanBen, ErezethJeremy, and I are going to jump in with both feet and see how that game rocks. I’ve read a couple reviews of it so far. The general consensus is that it’s only fun with multiple players (duh), and that its lacking in story…

Uh, if I wanted a game with story and a well developed plot, I’d play KOTOR, or just get a real Pen & Paper game going. I want to sit down with friends and family and just hack and slash my way to euphoria like we did back when Gauntlet first game out for the N64. Damn Ben, how many times did we crash that game? At least we didn’t melt the system, right?

Danny’s game went pretty well last night I think. He’s gotten really good at running diceless sessions and having them being infinitely enjoyable. I finally got my scene, the pivotal ignition to the ending scene. I came up with it a couple weeks ago and had no idea how important that scene was going to be. I prepped Danny with my ideas and he started developing it into a pivtoal moment in the storyline. So yeah, as a result I did like next to nothing for a couple sessions, waiting for everyone to catch up with my “timeline” but I think it was all worth it in the end.

I’ve also been kind of preparing for my character to quit “the team,” so I’m constantly mulling new characters over in my head. The first two I thought were really cool until I realized they were pretty much clones, not only of eachother, but of another character I’m playing in a D&D game already. I mean I really liked the idea of playing a “Dorian Gray-esque” character, but I already have a character in a game that’s all but indestructable. Besides, my present character is pretty close to that too. So I started thinking of other ideas. Last night on my way to the game I was listening to Tricky and, yeah, it’s a cover, but the song Dear God came on. I started thinking of how a super-hero could work to help the problems in this song. And I thought, maybe someone that works on a much smaller scale. We’re not talking like a superhero that can shit a field of corn or anything (ugh, nevermind I even said that), but can make a sandwich for a bum on the street. Simple stuff. So I started thinking of a street magician like David Blaine, only maybe a bit better. I started thinking matter creation and disintigration, as well as holo. Anyway, a character started to form. When I got to the game, Danny informed us that the current story was probably going to end and he was going to start new characters, this time lo/no powers. Baselines in a special task force that will develop powers over time. He had a specific list of roles to be filled (gunslinger, forensic investigator, engineer, brick, martial artist, hacker) and none really fit my new concept that I was so excited about. The more I thought about it though, the more I started thinking about combining David Blaine with Kane on Kung Fu. So I’m going to be the street magician/martial artist with a pure soul and fast fingers. It should be pretty cool, and now that I’ve written it here, I might not forget about it when it comes time to make the character.

oops, it’s lunchtime. See you when I see you.

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