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LiveJournal Archives – 09/19/2003

I saw someone LiveJournaling in the lab yesterday. Made me wonder if it was one of the many art students on my friends list that I have no idea who they are or what they look like. Oh well, couldn’t spy close enough to see what the username of the journal they were reading was.

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Fantasy Thoughts

I keep having this weird day dream where I come upon someone in a computer lab updating their livejournal and it’s someone that I knew on here on livejournal. I think that would be neat and get into a conversation with them.

you’re such a voyeur

Kinda sad that we have all these legions of people we “know” from the internet and don’t know what they look like. I have a funny story or two about that, but this really ain’t the place to share.

I think there’s some kind of livejournal gathering on tuesday. If life permits, wanna head out there, Kace?

Re: you’re such a voyeur

I was thinking at the very least, my game is due back that day and I have a coupon for a free coffee…

we can at least spy on people…

Re: you’re such a voyeur

“we can at least spy on people…”

Goddamnit dude, that was damn funny. Like I said, I’m all about it if I’m not busy that night. We at the RP usually do movie night on Tuesdays, but since Admissions is going live in like a week, they’ll probably be running around like heads without chickens, so it’ll probably be cancelled.

So if it happens, I’ll bring the whispers, you bring the shifty eyes, we’ll do the spyin’. Bad……ass.

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