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Classroom Orientation

I did my first classroom orientation for the semester. God I hate doing them. If they didn’t seem to have such a profound effect on the rest of the semester, then I’d be morally opposed to them. The students seem to take at least a marginal ammount of information away from them and thus seem to be happier in the lab. I flubbed this one up royally though, I totally wasn’t prepared and need to update some of my dialogues. I feel like I floundered thought it, but a couple people in there were smiling and laughing at my “jokes” so it made it a bit better. I still felt more self concious than normal. I mean I was tap dancing from foot to foot the whole time. I hate that.

For all those who are unaware, those of you who read this but don’t live in any close proximity to me, I got a new car! We got it not quite a month ago and I love it to death. It’s everything we needed in a vehicle and even thought I thought it was absolutely hideous when I first saw the ads for them, I’ve grown to completely appreciate it’s style and beauty. I think it looks cool and sporty even thought it’s essentially a station wagon with the top cut off. It doesn’t sound so glamorous when you break it down like that, but then again, what does?

We’re hoping all our finances can cover all our expenses presently. This month (upcoming) we don’t have to pay mortgage and we’re getting our escrow ammount to date refunded so we’re not really going to know how things are going until October or later, and then, well, it’s Christmas, and that always throws off everyone’s finances. That and we need to figure out how to get four people and a dog (with luggage and gifts)(us, not the dog) out to Virginia and back as cheap and efficiently as possible. We (well, everyone but me) considered the option of renting a van to try and save money, but it turned out that it would actually cost more than taking two cars and a hotel. I think we’re going to take ErezethJeremy’s Vibe. It’s no full size van, but it should work, he just needs to get the roof rack cargo net to fit it all in.

Anyway, time to go work again. Have fun out there, and do everyhing I can’t seem to get around to doing!

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