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Good Weekend, Bad Monday

Okay, not really a bad Monday, but not a great one either.

The weekend was still pretty good though… Friday we went and baby-sat Meghan for GramalkinGray and Fancy so they could have a night out on the town. I really enjoy staying with Meghan though, she’s absolutely adorable and really, one of the best babies I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with. She’s never very fussy, she’s always playful and intelligent. I mean you can see her thinking, it’s really amazing.

This time, though, when we went to put her to bed she got sufficiently upset and I could tell all she wanted was her parents I just wasn’t good enough. I sat with her in her room for 30 minutes or so (which was a really nice feeling) until she pretty much fell asleep and then I put her in her crib. She started crying immediately but was asleep within 30 seconds of me leaving. It was still all worth it.

I understand Gray and Fancy had a really good time that night too, but you’ll have to look to GramalkinGray’sjournal for that. 😉

Saturday I went over to Gray’s again to help Fancy with her computer. She has been having problems with it and decided to completely rebuild it. We tore it down, installed a CD Burner and brought it back to life with Win XP. I’m a big fan of Win XP. We archived 11GB of data onto my portable hard drive (which took hours!), installed XP (which wouldn’t let me format the drive for some reason), and then started installing software again only to realize that since it didn’t format the drive, the 11GB of misc data files were still there. We only wasted like 5 hours archiving it. No big deal. The computer seems to be better as a result, and in my opinion, much cleaner than the old 98 box.

Sunday we were supposed to play Shadowrun, but Ben sounded and felt pretty much like Gollum, so instead we sat and played Cities and Knights of Catan. It was a good time. I actually won again, that’s like the second time in a row I’ve won, and both times I was very pessimitic from the start. I can’t say that I actually play to win, I pretty much play to survive and the winning just kind of happens.

Anyway, today’s the first day back for classes. I have an Orientation tonight at 5:00, the first of many. I hate doing the lab Orientations, but I like the results I get by doing them. They get longer every semester and I get so tired of talking when I’m doing them. Otherwise the day’s been pretty good. I got the new Lab attendant schedule done (or at least the Tentative version), and we got the machines set up the rest of the way in the lab. Things were actually smooth this time, I owe a lot of big thanks to Nick, he’s been pretty much invaluable in the lab and in the office. If you read this Nick, thanks!

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