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mmmmmmm, Coffee

Well, I picked up the d20 Modern book yesterday. I had looked at it at the store and mused about it a long time. taloncomicsDerek is supposed to be starting a game for d20 Modern that I’m very excited to play (it was originally going to be Spycraft, but he prefered d20 Modern, I tend to agree now). I don’t know exactly what the set up is going to be, I know Derek used to be planning a game based on the town where we live, but he used that for a different group, so there’s no telling what this new game is going to be based around. I know he toyed around with a Dallas game, but I don’t know what he decided on. I hope I hear from him so I can get started on a character!

I also picked up a mini for the dungeon crawl at Winter Fantasy. It’s a really mean looking Orc Warrior, but I’m going to clean him up some and make him look less mean and more simple. I’ve never really painted a mini. I painted some RoboRally minis at one point in time, but theres a difference between painting robots and an angry orc with armor, hair and facial features. I think I’m going to clamp him to a table tonight and take the dremel to him. I’m a bit nervous though, I paid a good $4 for him and now I’m going to take a high speed power tool to him. I hope he still has both his arms and a head when I’m done.

Speaking of Dremels, I’ve begun work on my case again (did I say this in an earlier post?). I’ve cut the primary hole in the actual steel structure of the case, and am trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to do the hole in the plastic facing of the computer. The pain in cutting the steel framework was that I had to remove ever single item from the case itself so that I didn’t get shavings or steel dust in them. It’s the first time I’ve completely gutted the machine since I first built it, and even then it at least had the power supply in it. I thnk I’m going to get my extra parts in today so I may not be cutting my mini tonight, I may be trying to figure out how to finish up the case tonight. I’ve got a new LED fan, a red grill, and some C-molding. Once I figure out how I”m going to do it, it shoudn’t take that long.

Of course we’re also going to go shopping tonight for my family’s christmas gifts. We’re going to see them next week for Thanksgiving and it’s easier to take them with us than to actually ship them (cheaper too). Last night I talked to my mom on the phone for a while and finally decided what I was going to get everyone so now all I have to do is find it all. I’m looking forward to the break, it’s going to be a bit longer than I had been picturing in my head, and for once, I hitnk my Erezethbrother and his wife will actually be there for the same length of time that we will. We’re also taking our dog, so that should be and adventure in and of itself, especially since I think my mother is bringing her dog too. Ia likes to meet other dogs, but she’s always a little wierd around them at first and sometimes goes from submissive to overly dominant a little to quickly.

Oh well, again, I have written a fair amount and feel like I’m doing a pretty good job of keeping up with this. TTYL

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