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Well, I hosted an unofficial LAN party this weekend. What’s the difference between an “official” LAN party and an unofficial one? Well, we had other plans originally for Sunday, we were going to have a Bebop game, but then at the last minute, events transpired that prompted me to cancel the Bebop game and instead have a short notice LAN party-Light. There was very little planning, very little notice, just 4 people and some UT2003. Unfortunately, one person’s computer blew up (not literally, but really the only think worse than what it did would be to catch fire and start launching shrapnel at the group of us), and one person completely forgot about it until we called him too late to actually get in on the action (though he did still come over, he just didn’t bring his computer). It was, however, a good test of the home network, not only were we able to get all the computers communicating with eachother, but also we got them all on the internet. It was pretty sweet until the Internet UT2003 game I created booted the two remaining players out for having illegal CD keys (I have no idea how that could have happened).

Anyway, we got in a fair amount of fragging on a locally created network (disconnected from the internet), and really had a great old time. Even without Bebop this weekend, it truly was a weekend of gaming, Friday GramalkinGray and his brother came over to hang out and play games. Gray needed to relieve some stress from the previous day’s work. We played a fist-full of HALO, then after his aggressions were satiated, we swithced to Mario Pary 4 where we learned that the computer rocks at Cheep Cheep Sweep and Mario Speedwagon has a minimum time of 00:09:15 (send me a screenshot proving me wrong!).

Saturday, I spent most of the day playing EQOA Beta. I can’t say much about it because of the NDA I had to sign, but unfortunately, I can’t see myself even being tempted to pay to play this monthly.

I also started on the next mod on my computer. I’m cutting a window in the front of the case and mounting a blue LED fan there. I ordered the parts and cut the hole in the steel. now I just need to cut the hole in the plastic and mount the plex. Again, if anyone knows of the best way to cut plexiglass (espeically curves), please let me know ASAP. I’ve not had much luck in cutting plex yet.

And then there was Sunday, some more EQOA, a bit of Animal Crossing, and then the LAN party. I must admit, after the moderate success of this mini-LAN party, I’m looking forward to the next one.

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