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See me LIVE!

This would be the third web cam I’ve ever set up to my personal web page. You’d think I’d stop setting them up as I realize people aren’t looking at it. Oh well, if you’re intrigued, and I remebered to turn it on, you can check it out here. I’m not very animated in front of the computer (who is?) so if I seem like I’m not moving, then I may just be very very still.

I’ve been playing some UT2K3 so far this evening. I’m not horrible at the game but I’m not top scorer. To be honest, I’d much rather be playing with Gramalkinfriends at a good old fashioned LAN party than against faceless names on the internet. I mean I had a good time, got in a good game that I really enjoyed, but there’s just something missing when you can’t hear the guy next to you bemoan his unfair death, or hear the guy across the room WOOT as he frags you for the 100th time. There’s just something missing in a room all by yourself (especially when everyone else in the house is sound asleep).

Anyway, this is just a late night post, a thought in passing. I’m either going to go back to UT or surf for porn, haven’t decided which yet. 😉

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