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Slackin’ Again

Well how long has it been since I wrote anything here? Sheesh, I’ve been so busy and so stressed out I just haven’t had the time or inclination to write any thoughts down.

Figgures I’d slack off as soon as I convince my brother (Erezeth) to start a journal. Some role model. Anyway, things have been wierd lately. My emotions don’t seem to be leveling out much, I was getting moist in the eyes watching a dog sporting event earlier. It’s just I was so happy to have a dog that was at least as athletic as those, just not nearly as disciplined of focused. But hey, she’s only 5 and a half months old.

I hate when I have a really good idea for a web page layout and then I cant’ figure out how to create it, or I think I figured it out only to find that it doesn’t work. I hate to think I’m going to have to resort to flash, but I may.

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