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LiveJournal Archives – 10/03/2002

Screw PocketLJ, I tried three times to get it to sync an entry and no luck… looks like I’m restricted to text journals there. Sheesh… If I feel up to it, maybe I’ll copy and paste good ones here.

Anyway, back to what I was going to say through PocketLJ…

So, I have a friend Gray (possibly my best friend at this point in time, most of the others are really starting to try my nerves). He and his wife bought a GameCube the other day and started playing this game Animal Crossing. I have another friend who’s been playing it, but I barely see him so there wasn’t much of a problem with that. I’ve read the reviews and seen the screen shots, heard stories and even seen an interview with the creator. Needless to say, I’ve been a bit interested in the game. And to be honest, I was more than interested, I was actually anxious to try out the game. So when Gray and his wife picked it up, I begged them to let me play. They quickly invited me to be the fourth member of their town and I took full advantage of it, to an almost obsessive point. In the first three days after I was invited, I was at their house every night playing for 5+ hours at a time. It doesnt’ seem to have put a strain on our relationship, thankfully.

At any rate, when I realized I was all but addicted (I can stop any time, really), I decided I had to do something about it. I packed up all my N64 stuff (with a bit of a tear) and put it on eBay for auction. a week later, the whole package sold for $225, just enough to go and get a GameCube and a copy of Animal Crossing. Since then I’ve played it daily at home (for any interested, you cannot move to another town, nor can you delete someone from a town, so as a result, I had to start a whole new character, and Gray now has a “condemned” house).

I want to do a kind of journal of my Animal Crossing adventures, but I don’t know whether to post it in this journal, a different LiveJournal, or to a web page of my own, dedicated to Animal Crossing. I think it would be fun to combine my experiences with a couple of select few (maybe my personal, RL, friends that are also playing) so that we can watch eachother’s progress. Opinions?

oh, and one last note, if you are playing and are feeling generous or adventurous, you can ship me items at the following address:

Town: (paw)Tomic
Name: Pel(skull)Quin

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