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LiveJournal Archives – 10/02/2002

Well, it’s back to LiveJournal. I have a really good, long time friend, that has decided to start doing a Blog, so I thought I’d get back to it so at least he’s not alone in the world (okay, so he already has more readers than me, big deal).

At any rate, things have been really wierd since we got the house. We did a lot of work on it right away, probably too much since now we’re below broke in the financial world. I wouldn’t say we’re in the red, but we might be. I think we’re recovering, but barely, and only because we’re prioritizing differently. For example, my car is dead, and when I say dead, I mean the repairs cost more than it’s blue-book value. We’ve decided to just leave it in the garage until we figgure out what to do with it. As a result, we’re down to just one car. Fortunately, my wife and I work at the same place and the same hours, so getting to work is not a problem. We’re making due, but we’re putting miles on it faster than we were before and since she’s leasing, that may not be a good thing. I’m watching them closely, but I don’t think we’re going to go over our annual limit. Of course the holidays are still ahead.

We also have a new member in the household; okay, two. We got a puppy, she’s a sweet lab/german sheppard/border collie mix. She’s a wicked bundle of energy that is eager to please but just as easilly distracted. She is currently enrolled in basic puppy training, and, while not the head of her class, is at least doing fairly well. We admittedly don’t do much of our homework, but she still seems to be picking most of it up. She has so much energy though, we’re thinking about getting her into Agility trials just to use up some of that energy.

Our other addition is the foreign graduate student living with us. It’s a really long story, but she’s been with us for a month or more now, but it’s not really a big deal.

Anyway, I should get back to work, or at least working at looking like I’m working.

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Well, I’m still on the fence of it’s status. It’s nothing that can’t be repaired, but I’m weighing the cost effectiveness of repairing it. Asking questions like, how much more can/will go wrong, if I pay for these repairs (which will include towing this time), how much will the next repair cost, and when will it be? Is it more cost effective to just sell the old car and buy a new one. These are still very important questions I’m asking myself. For now, we’re sacrificing the car the garage and sharing my Wife’s New Beetle.

BTW, if anyone out there is feeling overly generous, I want a Subaru Baja in the dark grey color with a tow ball and manual transmission.

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