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9:16 pm
Well, I’m 60ft up in the air, give or take 20ft. I’m manning an 18k light for a night shoot. It’s lonely, windy, and buggy up here. I don’t really have any thoughts right now but I’m bored, so I’m writing. Oh well, sure would like a drink.

12:39 am
The bugs are much worse this time. We took a “lunch” break (Johnny Carrino’s) and I got to come down for a bit. Now that I’m back up in the high seat, the insects are unbearable. I had to put up the mosquito netting (not an easy thing to do at 60ft in the air). I sure hope they’re happy with the light the way it is now, it would take a bit to get out of the netting to change anything..

Joe Jackson (the effects & pyro man) passed out from heat exhaustion. The PA’s tonight are getting a crash course in pyro effects.

Mike Norris is a bit too controling. I can totally understand knowing what needs to be done, and wanting to get done in less time, but he undermines both Alin and Hamid’s authority.

12:48 am
Joe’s back up and moving. That’s a good sign.

1:16 am
Whoo, I’m getting pretty tired. I’ve got my radio right next to me; I might be able to shut my eyes for a few minutes…

2:02 am
My little nap was nice but it needed to be longer. I’d love to have some of the coffee but I don’t want to be a bother. I’m pretty content to just sit up here quiet and alone. Maybe another quick nap…

2:47 am
I’m going to have to make note somewhere of the new things I’ve done on this shoot, including crane operator (Snorkelift). I got to pan the light a bit, the fun never stops.

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