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2:07 pm
Today we’re in the studio. I was here yesterday rebuilding a set that was shot back in February. I’m still wondering if they’re even sure where this film is going. They certainly don’t know what to do with me out here. And then tomorrow they’re shooting all night in Corrinth.

3:13 pm
Mike Norris and Gabby are here but they don’t know the script or movement so now we have to clear the room so they can “prepare.”

4:22 pm
Still setting up. I get the impression that its going to be a long day. I just hope we’re not working on a 12 hour day. They’re preparing for when it starts to get dark but that’s really only in like 2 hours. I don’t even know if we’ll be started by then.

Sometimes I realize what a sucker I am. This is now my 4th day on this film, still with no pay. Sheesh….

7:04 pm
Slower and slower; does anyone know what’s going on? The crew is wondering about food, the cast is rewriting the script. It’s just a mess here.

8:30 pm
Sometimes it’s surprising how similar this work is to the student films we did. Especially when it comes to special equipment. We set up dolly track twice today, neither time did we really even use it.
We’re broken for “lunch,” fried chicken and such. It was good, but extra greasy. I feel like I’m more dedicated than some but at the same time, I’m one of the only people here who’s going back to a day job that’s completely unrelated to film. My long term involvement is significantly less devoted.

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