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Well, Summer is chugging along, and in no time it will be fall again, and time for all the students to come flooding back to school. I don’t know if this summer is going by quickly or not, but sometimes it seems it is, and others it seems like we’ve only just begun.

Work on the house is slowing down, at least for me. Which may or may not be a good thing. There’s still a lot to do, but I’ve convinced myself that we have 30 years (at least 15) to do what we want to it. I think I’m stalled because now it’s coming down to projects that I’m not quite sure where I want to go with them. Furniture building and whatnot. I told Heather that next week I will try to get started on the coffee table and end table so she can start working on the slate for them. It shouldn’t be to hard, I’ve never stained furniture before, but at least it’s aready finished. Not like the media cabinets I want to build. they would be so much easier to buy, but so expensie. Plus I want to make them bigger and better.

But I’ve never built funiture before, so I’m not exactly sure where to begin. Plus, I’m such a perfectionust, I’m afraid I won’t be happy if anything goes wrong. I think that’s why I’ve decided to cease work on the house for a little while. The next few projects just make me a little nervous. But then there’s Neverwinter also.

God it’s a good game, and now I’m even thinking of building a module for it. Sheesh.

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