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Well, I finally did it, I buit a dual boot computer with WinXP as one of the operating systems. I have to say after an hour or so of playing with it, I think I prefer it over all other Windows platforms. It’s clean, it’s neat, and it’s well organized. Of course it may just be that it’s pretty, but that’s beside the point. I like the fact that it’s very easy to set up multiple users, especially for family situations. Not that all the other Windows systems couldn’t do it, but this one seems to be really well done. The login is really streamlined too.

Anyway, I built my machine as a dual boot this time, but I don’t think my poor 8GB hard drive is going to be enough to run a dual boot system, I think I’m gonna have to get a 20GB drive somehow. just so I can partition it to two 10GB drives. Ugh, will the insanity never stop?

I finally gave up on the dual monitor thing, I guess I’ll take that AIW card and throw it back out on eBay and see if I can catch a profit.

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