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Yesterday afternoon, Heather and I talked a lot, mostly at work over ICQ, but still… I think we talked about a lot of important things and then last night was a really good night. but it seems like every time we have a really bad night, it’s followed by a lot of talking and a really good night. I don’t know if it’s a wretched loop or if on some, indistinguishable level, we’re actually making progress.

Heather started exersizing again. She used to run on the treadmill three times a week, but then when all the house stuff started, she got off track. I noticed she seemed a lot happier when she was running regularly. She agreed. I always told her that regular exersize would be good for her.

Oh well, now if only I can set myself to a regular routine. Maybe once Ia is old enough to run for that long, we’ll go out for early morning walks everyday. We’ll see; but for now, she’s still a pup.

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