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Winter Fantasy – From my Old Clié Journals

2002-1/23 Winter Fantasy

Day 1:
The week leading up to this trip was a horrible one. A fight with Heather, a depressing trip to Best Buy, a medicore Gaming session with a new character, a frustrating day at work, a very difficult time at packing and finally a late night trying to put music on the Clie, that resulted in no luck what-so-ever. I only hope that the first two days of the week do not represent the week itself. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a couple of months now and hope that it is at least as good as it was last year.

I packed some of my home made dice bags to give to the DM’s as a sort of promotion/advertising. I’m a little afraid that it will look like I’m trying to get in good with the DM’s but really I just want to see what other people think of my dice bags. I’m really impressed with what I’ve been able to make, we’ll see tomorrow what other people think.

This morning went well though, so I have high hopes for the trip, though it was sad to have to say goodbye to Heather in the car, but with all increased security at the airport, she would have had to leave me at the metal detector anyway. I hope she makes the best of her time alone.

Hmm, with this keyboard, writing here is actually pretty easy and comfortable, maybe I’ll see about puting LiveJournal back on here and see about playing with it again.

More to come…

Day 2:
Well, after staying up obscenely late last night, we got to Winter Fantasy on time for registration. My pre-reg was invalid, but at least I was able to get my games for “free.” The fact that I had prepaid set me up so that I got comped all my tickets. I didn’t get a cool preinted name tag, but there was nothing I could do about that. Generic hand written will have to do.

Day 3:
Today, after a long night of trying to find our hotel, we woke up all too early (only three hours of sleep), and soon realized we got to the second day of the convention an hour early. Fortunately, we needed some time to do some paperwork anyway and weren’t so tired that we couldn’t function.

As for yesterday, the first game we played, Living Force was a pretty good adventure, we had a good time and the combat was actually very life threatening.

In Living Greyhawk, all was going well until Manthu got killed. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he had full party backup when it happened, but all in all I got over it. I was a little down for a bit but I got him Raised and he was back for more at level 1 again in no time.

I felt realy geeky getting depresed about a character dying, I mean really, how important in the grand scheme of things, even in my gaming life, is the death of one character. But then again, the adventure today at least bumped him to a level two again. Oh well, it adds to his story. Maybe I’ll have to start writing up the story of Manthu OrcPiercer!

I really enjoy spending time up here with Jeremy, I feel bad that I only get to see Christy for a few hours when I get in and before I leave. I haven’t really spent as much time as I’d like to with her in general, and think that I’d really enjoy hanging out with her more.

I remember two Thanksgivings ago she and I got up early and had to go get some things from the store before either Jeremy or Heather even got up, so it was really cool to hang out with her for a little while.

I’m tired, it’s probably from the late night and the early morning, but I think some of it may be from the tripm and honestly from missing Heather. I don’t know exactly why missing Heather is tiring, but I can’t think of a better word for it. I miss her but I appreciate the time away, as I believe she appreciates her time alone.

My mind is wandering, I keep thinking about how this should probably be a regular Journal instead of a Travel Journal, but then again, maybe the only reason I’m writing in it is because I’m bored and have three hours to kill before my next game. We really should have gone to the Hotel for a nap.

Day 5:

Well, I never even assumed there would be a limit to a memo in this thing. Maybe there’s a journal program I can download and install.

Yesterday was a pretty good day at the Con too. We never got to get August as a GM but the ones we did get for LF were really good. The interactive, while having some dull moments and a few less than exciting moments was really good.

I was able to buy a ship and a driod for my character, but I was really disapointed in the way the Podrace was run.

When we FINALLY got back to Muncie, we went out to eat with Christy and then went home to drink. We stayed up really late, Christy and I later than Jeremy, and I think we were all sufficiently sloshed by the time we gave up on the night. As I mentioned at the beginning of this trip, I was really looking forward to just sitting and talking with Christy and I really did ejoy our conversation, even though it was mostly Christy talking and me “mm-hmm-ing.” She is really proud of the camp that her Dad and Step-Mom run and it sounds like it’s actually a really cool deal for the kids. I can say I would not be averse to voulenteering for it. Maybe it’ll be something to think about at a later date.

The flight today, as I write, is much more crowded and vocal than the flight up. I had to give up on reading because I couldn’t even conctrate on it. It’s too bad though, I was really looking forward to a couple of hours of solid reading, the book is starting to get into the more tense and action based parts. I’m really enjoying it and I can’t imagine that the movie would not have been any worse had I read the book first.

I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing Heather today. I really missed her last night, especially when Christy and Jeremy started going on and on about Houses, Children and Careers. Three things that Heather and I have discussed in the past, but seem to be much less intent upon at present. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the way we are going about our lives, just sometimes I feel a little goal-less. I started thinking last night that I may start applying for PA positions on films again, not that I ever really had one pan out before, but it can’t hurt to try, right?

I really feel like I want to get more involved with RPGA. It’s kind of like when I was doing LARP, I was really interested in the organization and would like to develop some relationships with the people I meet at the cons. Talking for five minutes with GMs and Co-ordinators is always really fun and I’d really like to think that they know me when I see them. Going to more cons would probably hae a similar effect, but I don’t think that’s in the cards. I mean it’s not impossible to get away, but it does get a little expensive. Thought with Gen-Con supposedly in Indy this year, I may be able to pull that off as well. I’m also going to put more effort into playing in Dallas, maybe make some more friends down there. I like having friends and am more than willing to put in a little work to meet new people.

I hope the dice bags go over well with the people I gave them to. I know August was really impressed with his, or at least he played it up as if he were. Sean was also very moved when I gave it to him. Most of the other GMs however seemed either impartial or confused. I haven’t recieved any emails yet, but then most of the people who have even seen them are still at the con. I know there are people with computers there, but emailing some joker that handed out free dicebags maybe pretty low on their priority list at present.

I’ll need to step up production on them when I get home though, and find a way to make them sound good in an advertisement, especially since each version of them will be in extremely limited quantity and the materials used will change frequently. But that may make them almost more interesting. Even though it seems silly to promote the fact that there will be limited editions of each just because the material quantities are so minimal.

Definitely going to have to look for a journal program.

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