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LiveJournal Archive – 08/17/2001

I got all the parts to my computer last night. I put them all together and have to say, that motherboard (the ECS K7VZA) is one of the best MotherBoards I’ve ever had the pleasure to work around. But anyway, I didn’t get to play with the computer too much, my OS disk had some problems so I need to borrow the one from work to install Win2K. Oh well, I’m a geek.

It’s RAINING!!! Thank all that is holy it’s Raining. The drout is over and the water is falling from the sky. It’s rained a little off and on all week but today has been fantastic. It makes me feel wierd that I am so excited, but really my lawn NEEDED the rain. That and the one thing I’ve grown to hate about Texas are the summers. Last summer we had a 90 day drout. 90 DAYS = 3 MONTHS. without a measureable amount of precipitation. I can’t stand it when it gets like that. It’s the one thing that drives me nuts about this environment. I don’t mind the blistering triple digit temeratures nearly as much as the lack of rain. Oh well, I’m just bitching now.

I don’t really have much to say but want to get into a habit of posting often. I’ve not done any real contemplating lately. I was pretty all consumed int getting my computer working last night. Oh, and making a pretty good potato soup. It seemed like it needed something but I have no idea what. Oh well, I’m not a cook, I’m an experimental food preparer. Anyway, I’ve gone from actually writing something to conciously writing nothing so I’m going to give up and get back to doing something mildly important.


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