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LiveJournal Archive – 08/16/2001

well, it’s been another excruciatingly boring day at work again. I’ve been trying to get the user acounts set up on this new lab computer I’m building. It’s not going as I had hoped so I might have to settle for second best again. It shouldn’t be too bad, we haven’t had too many problems with the students having access to the underside of the OS.

I found a leaf today. It was on a tree by the building where I work. The thing about it was that it had these lines on it, like lines of illness. But they didn’t follow any of the natural lines on the leaf. They were pretty much all independant ot the leaf. I brought it up to the office and scanned it into the computer. I decided I wanted other people to see it too…

Then I started playing with it. I pulled th discoloration off the leaf and started changing the color and the texture. It made a very caligraphic design. I’ve always been a big fan of caligraphy and have had mild success. But the design on this leaf started getting more and more caligraphic as I altered it.

So I think I’ve decided to keep and eye our for naturally occuring patterns that are completely out of place. I’m going to try to start an ongoing project on this line. I can’t remember what my last ongoing project was, but since I can’t even think about it, it must not have been very successful. So here’s to a new project that may or may not go on as long as I’d like.

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