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Well, Heather and I took a couple days off work for our sanity and if anything, it showed us our lives are really boring and non-productive. Some sanity.

We watched a bunch of TV and a bunch of movies, I played a LOT of WoW and she got going on painting the cabinet doors for the kitchen. I keep milling around the house trying to think of something more productive to do, but everything that I could be doing instead of WoW is about the same level of productivity. I could be working on my D&D setting. I could be reading book three in the Cleric Quintet. I could be painting minis. All of that has about the same value in the world. So instead I sit on WoW where I can at least chat with people I almost know.

At any rate, I did see some really good movies. I saw The Boondock Saints, which I had added to my Netflix queue on a whim, and ended up giving it Five Stars! Wow that was good, so visual, so visceral, and so entertaining. This was no film, which one reviewer complained about, but it was some damn good entertainment. Do yourself a favor and check it out. When I went to rate it on Netflix, I found that everything that was listed as “similar” I’d given five stars also, no wonder I enjoyed it (Snatch, Brotherhood of the Wolf, The Crow, Hackers, Desperado, El Mariachi, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, A Life Less Ordinary, and Fight Club).

We also saw Tampopo, which fairly well defies most description. Its kind of a longer attention span Kentucky Fried Movie that centers around the importance and value of food in Japan. Its got one long story, all about making the perfect bowl of ramen, a mid length story about a gangster and his erotic obsession with food, and 9 other shorter stories that all relate to food in some way. It was good, but I definitely looked to Heather for confirmation on how good/bad it was on many occasions, as well as a lot of “What the Fuck” moments.

So, as you may have noticed, I like to make userpics. I’ve all but tapped my most recent cache of ideas but am still in the mood to make some more. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please feel free to suggest them and I’ll see what I can come up with. I used to be on some UserPic contest communities, but all the winners looked the same and they all looked different than mine, so I quit. I need a bit of focus to go ahead and make more. So give me your tired, your hungry, and your lame ideas and I’ll try to capture them in still or motion 100×100 pixel imagery.

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | 3 Comments

New Icon. I made it myself. I think I did a fine job.

Compare it to their quality of art and tell me what you think.

Penny Arcade


Tuesday, January 20th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

Okay, truthfully it’s an animated version of an old icon.


Tuesday, November 11th, 2003 | LiveJournal Archives | 11 Comments

I made some new icons for Ben, who is still my friend, even though I may no longer be his. Apparently he didn’t see them or didn’t like them. Who knows.

I so intended to paint some more last night. I started painting a new mini on Sunday. I didn’t get too far, but I was pleased with my progress. I mixed a really nice burgundy for his pants, too. I just hope it doesn’t dry out before I need to do touchups. I wanted to paint it some more last night, but instead I got distracted by both Monster House, and Monster Garage, and then, while I was trapped on the couch, Heather changed it to Joe Average, and me being a pretty average guy in the grand scheme of things, I had to watch to see which “average” guy got the girl.

And I can’t paint tonight because I’m helping Fancy move stuff into her appartment. The curse of having a “mini truck” starts, not that I mind. I’ve used the bed of the Baja so little that it’s still a novelty to use it. I think I’ve only justifiably used it maybe once. Everything else we’ve carried back there could have just as easilly be carried in Heather’s Beetle.

I hope there’s no more games of telephone around the building today, I hate that shit.

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In Case You Hadn’t Noticed

Saturday, September 13th, 2003 | LiveJournal Archives | 1 Comment

I got a new Icon… Don’t know if I’m going to keep it as my default, but it’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Thanks to Varia2Fancy and PCCloseChristy for helping me to make it. Sorry I didn’t use the footage from the Luau, there was a burning Bird House in the middle of all the fireballs.

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