So Much Time, So Little Blogging…

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…in which I talk about the past three weeks in brief.

I feel really bad I haven’t blogged in a while, I meant to just write and write and write over break, but I think I enjoyed the break a little too much. I am still not back up to speed yet. I had two full weeks off for the holiday, and so far three days back at work hasn’t changed my mindset, yet.

This was the first really long break since Heather quit her job and I realized how much I missed her and Ansel now that I’m the only one working. It was so nice to just be home, or even out, with Ansel and Heather during the break; to see them at will, rather than at regular prescribed hours. ScreenshotThese days, the best I can do is to glance up at the corner of my screen and see a smallish photo of Ansel and/or Heather to remind me why I’m here, why I’m working so hard. So, as you can imagine, it was really nice to just be home with them for 16 days in a row. I didn’t do much during that time, nothing really productive anyway. We didn’t complete any home projects, we didn’t do any real yard work, we didn’t break ground on any new accomplishments, but I thought it was important just to be, and to be relaxed, and to be a family.

Things we did do:

  • We went to Pampa for Christmas: I, like most other people who have only ever visited the panhandle of Texas, have no desire to return. There’s nothing out there, so when we go, I try to make it for as short a trip as possible. We go only to see Heather’s family, and while that may make the trip worth while, I still try to get up there, visit, and get back as quickly as possible. We stayed for three days and that, I felt, was perfect. We would have liked to have had some snow so Ansel could see it and experience it, but aside from a few flakes the morning we left, it was just cold and windy. We all had a good Christmas, but it was still just Pampa.
  • We (I) played a lot of games: I love to play games, from board and card games to role playing and video games. I’d say that gaming of nearly all capacity is my obsessive hobby (I don’t play games of chance, and I don’t enjoy games of sport, sorry). Heather got me Fluxx v4.0 for Christmas (so did Angela, actually) which was great because I had forgotten to take Fluxx with me and I wanted to play with Heather’s niece and nephew over Christmas. I was so glad when I pulled it out of the stocking because I had been dying for a game. I also learned how to play (and subsequently bought) Phase 10 and Munchkin (specifically I bought The Good, The Bad, and The Munchkin), and played an interesting game called Murder City. There was also a lot of Xbox (picking up at least two new games) and a bit of Wii in all of that, as well. I seriously indulged my gamer side this break.
  • Movies, Movies, Movies: It was the holidays, so there was nothing on TV, so we watched a ton of movies. Between network TV, Netflix streaming & rentals, and newly acquired DVD’s, we pretty much watched a movie for each day we were off (though not one a day, some days we’d watch one or two, while other days we didn’t watch any at all).
  • New Year’s Eve Party: I spent too much on a Second Hand suit jacket and a salmon tuxedo shirt just to go to a New Year’s Eve party with friends that I see on a weekly (if not nearly daily) basis. It was totally worth it, and for being a second hand, off the rack, jacket, it fit me better than almost any suit jacket I’ve ever worn. The Tux shirt didn’t fit too badly either, though it was a bit short in the sleeves.

Ansel’s been coming along quite well, too. He’s getting better at sleeping alone in his crib, his vocabulary is advancing pretty quick (though sometimes you have to be very observant to tell what he’s saying – cat and that are almost identical except that he sticks his tongue out when he says cat), he’s practically running around, and his stacking skills are getting really good. He spent an awful lot of time around Connor this break and I think that really gave him the courage to get up and move! He also lost his first shoe two days before we were to leave for Christmas. I know he’s going to lose a lot more shoes in the future, but it was just really bad timing for him to lose one right then.

(funny story, when I went to buy his new shoes, I also bought some milk and beer and had Ansel with me. when I was in the checkout line, the guy behind me asked Ansel if the beer was for him. I turned around and said “yeah, the milk is for me.” I explained that I was really there to get shoes because Ansel had just lost one and he said his fifteen year old kid still loses shoes and has no idea where they are or how they lost them, you’d think someday they’d learn to keep up with their own clothes)

But anyway, that kind of sums up the last three weeks. Now I’m back at work and having a hard time focusing on the task at hand. I have a hard time not just looking up at the photo of Ansel and wishing I was at home, playing with, or next to, him and just enjoying that other part of my life a little bit more often.

Sunday Morning Kix

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Another Grand Family Trip…

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…in which I talk about our recent trip up to Arkansas for Thanksgiving.

Yet another grand adventure with the family transpired last week. We were so excited to take Ansel up to see his grandparents, great-grandparents, and other family, since he’s been walking, babbling, and just all around loaded to the gills with cuteness. We left out of Denton on Wednesday and made the 8+ hour drive up to West Memphis. Ansel didn’t do as well as he as in the past. He hardly slept at all on the way up, and for the most part grumped and fussed. He was simply not in the mood to be in his car seat for that long. On the occasions where we stopped and were able to get out for a bit, he was even more resistant to go back in. I felt sorry for the little guy, but he was just not happy about the trip.

We did, however, get there safely but unfortunately ran into our first snag almost immediately. We called Jeremy and Christy to check on their status and found out that there was a problem at our regular hotel. When we arrived, it turned out that the reservation that Christy had made a month in advance had been lost and they had no free rooms. We bitched, complained, and basically made a protest in the lobby before finally going out to find another hotel. I used my internet phone to search around and find some other hotels with names we recognized and the first one that came up was a Holiday Inn. I called and they said they could give us the adjoined rooms. We suspected, rightfully, that the price would be really high and were prepared to walk out and find another place if it was too much (even though my dad was paying for it all, we didn’t want to break the bank on the hotel).

When we got over there, they told us the rooms were $120 a night, each. We nearly choked, apologized for wasting their time and started walking out when I decided I’d at least ask about any discounts. I explained that we were visiting for the holidays and that the Red Roof Inn had lost our reservation and we were pretty much without a place to stay for the weekend. To my surprise, the clerk offered us the military rate (which wasn’t completely inappropriate, we were visiting my grandfather who has a solid military background) which turned out to be only a little bit more than we had originally planned to spend. Since we were desperate, we decided the slight overage was fine and we took the rooms. While we thanked her and filled out paperwork, she explained the amenities. Jeremy and I admitted to the girls later that we weren’t even paying attention because we’re not used to having amenities.

Upon getting to the rooms, however, we realized that this was a much nicer place than we’d ever stayed in before. The flat screen TVs were the first real sign that we were in a more expensive hotel, let alone the comfortable beds, the down comforters, and the overall cleanliness of the rooms and baths. We got all of our stuff out of the cars, packed everyone back in Jeremy and Christy’s new seven-seater and headed out to the house, with a slight detour by Kroger for beer and coffee creamer (since the rooms even had coffee makers). At the house, we greeted everyone, had some dinner, showed off the babies, and visited for a while before finally heading back to the hotel for the night.

Thanksgiving day, we rolled out of bed in a leisurely manner and headed out to the house with no great haste. We knew that breakfast would be sparse and that dinner would be in the early afternoon, so we felt no need to rush. Of course, when we showed up and started eating breakfast scraps at 11am, we were interrogated and accused of eating too close to dinner. What are we, twelve?

Ansel took a solid nap and we actually had to wake him up for Thanksgiving dinner. I was so looking forward to him getting to try everything and seeing how he liked the big meal. I got him a little bit of everything and he was really enjoying his food. I missed out on some of the goods because I chose to feed him first and some things ran out. I thank Jeremy for the bite of molasses ginger salmon that my uncle, the gourmet, brought. I almost missed out on the Jello salad as well because for some reason, instead of being out on the buffet with all the other food, it was on the “adults” table. Yes, there was an “adult” table and a “kids” table… Though to be fair, the “kids” are all getting old enough that it should just be called the “third and fourth generation” table. I didn’t think it was quite fair, however, to put all the food on the kitchen counter as a buffet, except for the rolls and the Jello. I didn’t even realize I’d missed them until I noticed someone else was eating rolls and had to ask where they were. They were both almost gone by the time I got to them. Good thing I fed my baby first, right? If I had wanted to eat, I should have left him alone and grumpy. Gripes aside, however, the food was excellent and I ate so much that I couldn’t even think of dessert. I’m not sure I even ate any, that day.

We finished up the evening with a viewing of our new extended cut of Hancock. I have to say, I think I liked the theatrical version better because there’s a whole sequence with a prostitute that feels out of place and completely unnecessary. I’m not sure why the put it back in, but its there and we can’t really avoid it, so we’ll have to live to accept it. Honestly, though, its just an attempt at adding some toilet humor and kind of takes you away from the pace of the movie.

Friday, after a big pancake breakfast provided by my aunt, we wanted to give my grandparents a bit of a break from all the chaos so we decided to go to the Memphis Zoo. Dad kind of invited himself, but we understood how he was feeling (about the same as the rest of us) and had no problem with him coming along. We tried to pay for the tickets to get in, but he wouldn’t let us. We couldn’t complain about it too much, though, he saved us $26 per couple and was already paying for the hotel.

Changing Table/Dresser
I had planned ahead of time to make sure that Ansel saw the lions, tigers, elephants and giraffe… the things with which his room is decorated. Fortunately, the cat habitat is right by the entrance, so the animal we knew Ansel would recognize best was the first thing we got to see. The lions were a bit tough to see, but even still, ever cat he could lay eyes on, he would point to excitedly and say “Tat!” He’s been working on saying tiger at home, but I think he was just too overwhelmed to say anything more specific. You could tell he loved seeing the big cats all roaming around and acting like house cats.

Ansel and the Offending Sheep
We were also excited to see Ansel enjoy petting the animals in the farm area. He’s grown so accustomed to the dog and cats at our house, and even the pets at other people’s houses, that we thought he’d just love the farm animals. We started at the sheep pen and he was having a great time just leaning against the slated fence staring at the sheep. A curious lamb came trotting up to Ansel and sniffed his nose. This, unfortunately, freaked his shit out! From that point on, he would have nothing to do with any of the farm animals. We couldn’t put him down, we couldn’t let the animals get anywhere near hem, he wouldn’t touch them, pet them, and would hardly even look at them. We felt sorry for him, but it was pretty hilarious. All the while, however, Isaac is over there petting, pulling, and picking the noses of every animal that gets near him.

Eventually, he fell asleep, but we woke him up again for the Elephants. They were pretty active, but he didn’t seem to really pay them any attention. He did, however seem to perk up when we got to the giraffe. All in all, the zoo was fun, but it did start out warm and got noticeably colder over the few hours that we were there, and even though I thought to bring a sweatshirt, Heather did not, and she ended up wearing mine the whole time. We drove back to the house with two babies happily napping.

That evening, we actually got to go out to dinner while the babies stayed home with the grandparents, great-grandparents, and a great-aunt. We had no idea where we were going to go, but we had a cunning plan. We wanted to go to a kind of bar and grill, but didn’t want to go to some national chain. I decided that they never put an Applebees in a crappy part of town, so I started by browsing on Google Maps a little ways into Memphis and did a search for Applebees. Then, once I found one, I did a second search for “bar and grill” in the same location. We found a couple and decided to go check them out. The first one was closed, but the second one looked really nice. It was a place called Boscoe’s, which didn’t really strike a chord until we were walking up to it and Christy says, “I think we’ve been here before, not last time, but the time before that!” We all kind of paused and realized that, yes, in fact we had been there before, back in 2004. Fortunately, we all remembered it being really good, so we went on and got seated not at the same table, but at a table directly diagonal from the table we sat at last time. We had some beers (and wine), ate some great food, had an unnecessary desert, and generally made a great night of it. It was good that we did so, because it turns out that Ansel pretty much cried for the entire time we were gone. I was sad for Ansel and felt sorry for everyone who had to deal with it… but hey, what’s family for.

Saturday was pretty much our lazy day. Other than eating too much, too often, and watching the old home movies of my grandparents and all their crazy adventures, nothing really remarkable transpired. IT was mostly just a day for visiting. I’d seen all the home movies before, but watching them again and having everyone talk about the people, places, and events was really nice and having Heather and Ansel there to experience it made it even better.

Finally, on Sunday, we were ready to head home. We packed everything up and left the room keys behind. True to their word, the hotel gave us a wickedly good rate and we left happy with our stay. We made one last visit to the house to grab some breakfast and say our final goodbyes. We had already planned to meet up with Matt and Angela in the Little Rock, Hot Springs, Malvern area, so we called to finalize our plans and things got a bit complicated. Heather and I were ready for lunch (or would be by the time we met up) and Matt and Angela were more in a breakfast mode, so we had to find some place to eat brunch. After much deliberating about local favorites, we finally decided a good old Cracker Barrel was the solution. It’s always interesting to meet up with friends miles and miles from home. After lunch, and a bit of stressful fuel-up, we were on the road and headed home.

All in all, it was a good trip. Now that Ansel’s getting so much older and more active, he’s a thrill to show off. He’s getting so smart and interesting, that’s he’s just a joy to take places, show off, and watch him experience things. We’re really looking forward to Christmas for the same reason. I’m hoping he understands gifts a little more this time around. He’s not much older than he was for his birthday, but he’s so much more curious, he may do a little better at opening gifts. Regardless, it should be another good trip and I’m excited to share his wonder.

Three days of writing, and I’m finally done…

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Busy Little Bees…

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…in which I talk about not only my hectic life, but the great achievements of my little one.

IMG_7856So even though we were on vacation last week, I feel like things have been crazy all over. With the very appreciated assistance of Angela, we flew out to Indiana Thursday to visit my brother and his micro family. We had a great time. My parents were in town to visit for the first few days, so it was nice to see everyone all at once. We got to go to Christy’s mom’s house for a nice Independence Day “meat and munitions extravaganza,” which was really fun and I got, what I think, are some really good fireworks photos (though, I’ve kind of decided most fireworks photos all look pretty much the same). All told, however, we had a good time. We ate good food, got out and walked around, shopped, relaxed, helped with errands and chores.

Ansel was pretty darned good on both flights. He wasn’t quite as good as he was when he was only 3 months old, but he was still a good kid and handled the flight well. He still had people complimenting him at the end of the flight, saying he was a very good baby on the airplane.

He’s learned so much in the past couple of weeks, its pretty overwhelming. In the past two weeks, he’s learned to pull himself up from sitting to standing, he’s learned to walk with us holding his hands; he’s learned to clap, wave, and high five; he’s started playing the “drop it” game and the “throw it” game (but I’d sure love for him to figure out the “put it down gently” game); he’s added another “word” to his vocabulary (he now says “ggg,” “dah,” “bah,” “bwa,” and “doo”). We expect him to be cruising soon as he’s got the pull-up thing going, and the “one foot in front of the other” thing down pat. He’s so cute and wonderful and smart. I understand, now, how people say your life changes so much with a child. I know everyone else’s child is equally special, but our is definitely the best baby in the world!

When we got home from our trip, we realized how much nicer it is to clean your house before you leave. Our house was a stye and neither of us has had any time to clean up at all since getting back from the trip. Its driving us both crazy. We’re hoping to get at least the living room picked up and the dining room a little tidier before people come over for the movie tonight. Heck, I vacuumed almost as soon as we got home because there was so much dog hair on the floor I almost didn’t want to put Ansel down. It also didn’t help that one of our cats decided to puke all over the house while we were gone. Thank god “Urinal Cat” was being boarded and we didn’t have to worry about that at all.

And finally, big wonderful thanks to Angela and Matt for taking care of the animals and giving us rides to and from the airport. You guys are great and there’s no way we can ever balance out the karma. No one should ever be expected to clean up chicken carcasses when dog-sitting!

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There and Back Again…

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…in which I talk about my amazing adventures in Houston and surrounding areas. (its gonna be a long one)

FotoFest. Yes, FotoFest. A two month, biannual festival dedicated to photography that takes over the entire city of Houston. As a burgeoning photographer, and MFA student in the same subject, I am highly encouraged to go every two years to this event. This time around, we were given an opportunity that sounded, and as you will read later truly was, incredible. At FotoFest, there is a portfolio review session available to have professionals in the photography and art world look at your work and offer you guidance, suggestion, and once in a while, a show or other commercially successful opportunities. The chance to attend this review, known as The Meeting Place, is accompanied by a $750 price tag. Between the unwieldy cost, and the fact that I do not yet feel like my work is ready to show, I have not taken advantage of The Meeting Place, but this year, our faculty were able to set up an incredible opportunity. This opportunity was both a blessing and a curse, however, to my Houston adventure.

I am a man with sorely little free time, and after my trip last weekend, I was already in dire need for a little time off. However, a month ago, we were told that we would have the chance to actually sit with one of the reviewers during a full day of portfolio reviews. Essentially, it was the chance to observe fourteen portfolio reviews from an objective standpoint. How awesome is that! What this meant, however, was that if I was going to go to FotoFest and participate in this portfolio review, I had to go on this one particular weekend. A weekend which happened to be, not only in the middle of a very stressful time at work, but also the weekend immediately following the weekend where we went up to Memphis. That’s two weekends in a row where I’m away from home, separated by a super stressful week at work and followed by an even more stressful week. But stress and hectics be damned, I was going to go!

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Time keeps on slipping…

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… in which I talk about a future post.

I hope to very soon write up a post about the most amazing  adventures I had this past weekend. I’m just so busy right now, I can’t seem to catch a break.

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I’m supposed to be reconciling my Purchasing Card for work, but that’s one of my least favorite activities – so I’m stalling.

Anyway, just in case you can’t hear or didn’t listen to the last phone post, Movie Night is on this Friday and we’ll be watching 50 First Dates. Now contrary to popular belief, this is not really an Adam Sandler movie, so please, if you are hesitant to come, I would encourage you to come anyway because this movie is really cute. I showed it to my parents and I wouldn’t really do that with any other Adam Sandler movie. Anyway, if you do decide to show up, its in the normal place at the normal time, and we’ll be watching the normal TV this time around (sorry no 89 inch projection this time around).

I lost my red notebook. It has all the notes for what I need to do to start fixing my novel. I have been wanting to work on my novel some more, but aside from not really having the time yet, I can’t find my notes, so I’m at a bit of a standstill. Please, if you see my red notebook, please let me know.

This past weekend was a bit better than expected, to be honest. Before heading out of town, we filled up on gas and stopped by the Kroger to get Wine and Beer. People look at you funny when you buy two bottles of wine and a 12-pack of beer at 8 in the morning. We drove 8 hours up to Memphis (West Memphis to be exact – my grandparents moved out of the city when FedEx tried to block out the sun) and spent the evening with Jeremy, Christy, Mom, Dad, Nony (my grandmother) and Grandpa. We laughed a lot and drank a lot and generally had a good time. Truthfully, that’s the family reunion I was most looking forward to. Heather was apparently either very bored or very stressed because she drank all but two inches of the first bottle of wine – more than I’ve ever seen her drink in a sitting. I mentioned that I had brought my Geocaching equipment and that we could go out and do a cache or two in our free time on Saturday. When I first started talking about it, my Grandfather seemed genuinely interested, but when I started talking about The Bell Witch, I think he became very confused and somewhat addled.

At any rate, around ten, Heather, Cristy, Jeremy, and myself headed out to the mystery hotel. No one had ever stayed there and Nony just kind of picked it out of a hat. First off, they wouldn’t use the credit card with which the room had been reserved, so I had to bust out the credit card of my own to get the room. When we got to the rooms, they were, uh, functional. I kind of get the impression they’re fixing the place up, but we caught them mid way. The exterior was a mix of fresh stucco and rotten concrete. The main room looked nice, though half of the lights didn’t work. The bathroom on the other hand, while it didn’t look unsanitary, wasn’t necesarily inviting either.

Either way, we crashed out about midnight, resting up for the “festivities” of the following day. My night’s rest was not as complete as I could have wanted as something in my intestines decided it needed out very badly and I spent the entire night getting up every two hours to go to the uninviting bathroom. Without going into too much detail, by morning, I’d gotten up 5 times, gotten a lot of reading done, and was genuinely tired of pooping. I was fairly certain I was doing better when we headed out to find breakfast in this one horse town in Arkansas. After much deliberation (and our first visit to Wa-lMart on this trip), we finally decided to eat at Shoney’s. They had a breakfast buffet on until 2:00 so we had our run of the place. I ate too much grease and regretted it a bit after my nocturnal adventures the night before. We had a 2 hour drive down to Enid and that passed relatively uneventfully. Along the way, I learned that toilets in Mississippi have no locks, bought a lot of bottled water to help flush out my system and rode out the rest of the trip in relative comfort.

We got to the hotel about two hours ahead of time so we decided to actually do one of the Geocaches. Jeremy and Christy had never done one, so when I told Jeremy it was 5 miles “that-a-way” he was understandably confused. We drove around for a half an hour or so until we finally found the set of trails that the cache was hidden within and got to get out of the car. It went really well for having no idea where anything was and really just following an arrow to get where we were going. Christy took a puzzle from the cache and we replaced it with a matchbox car and a glasses case. She got really excited about the prospects of using Geocaching in her Science labs at school and even said she was going to write a grant to get it added to her curriculums. I’m looking forward to hearing more about that. We looked at the time and realize we still had over an hour before we had to be back at the hotel, so we headed off to find another cache but it was constantly just out of reach. No matter what lake road we went down, when we hit a dead end at the water, the beacon told us it was a little further to the east. We finally had to give up and head back to the hotel.

That night we went to a burger cookout at Enid lake for all the people who showed up the day before the reunion. Good food. I got to hang out with my cousins Cody and Bridgit. They’ve grown into very cool and interesting people. I wish we had more time to talk and hang out, but we at least got to chat with Cody a lot. Bridgit was constantly off talking to other people (when she wasn’t biting me or giving me wet willies that is). We got kinda bored after a while and Cody was obviously bored, so we offered to give him a ride back to the hotel and let him hang out in our room and watch TV, but he seemed a bit reluctant. We didn’t push the issue, which probably was for the best when as the evening got on. I was still pretty confident I’d beaten whatever had kept me up the night before – until I had just about finished dinner and my guts started tying themselves into knots. I finally had to have Jeremy rush us back to the hotel (I’d heard bad things about the bathrooms at the lake) and dump me out of the car at the door to the room while they went back to Wal-Mart (the second visit) to get me some happy pink stuff. It turned out that pretty much everyone had given up on the cookout around the same time we had and by the time I was feeling better, we were able to go up and spend some time in my parents room. I did feel a little bad because apparently Heather, Mom, and I all watched a lot of the same TV this past season, so we talked about that a whole lot, which left Jeremy and Christy out of the conversation. There was just some really good TV on this past season, what can I say?

The next night went well, I think I only got up once. The next day we headed out for the official reunion which was fun while being too long and too short at the same time. Again, Cody was pretty bored so it ended up being six of us sititng at a table as “outsiders” for the most part – Jeremy, Christy, Heather, Dad, Cody and myself. We talked and joked a lot, but mostly just grumbled about not knowing anyone and being bored. Dad did mention that he was feeling about like I sounded the day before, and I did see him head up the hill toward the bathrooms quite a few times. I don’t know what hit us, but it wasn’t the best time or place to do so. At one point, Mom insisted that I show her my tattoo. She said it wasn’t pretty – I wasn’t exactly sure how to take that comment. My grandfather, when he found out about it, gave me the same look as he did when I had been talking about the Bell Witch two days earlier. Eventually, my, uh, cousin? uncle? this guy I’m related to brought out the skiboat and I really debated going water skiing. I don’t get many opportunities to do so, and I really enjoy it – besides, the last time he tried to pull me, I never got my ballance, so I kind of wanted to prove myself. In the end, it was too late to do it and I decided that next time I would definitely go skiing. That evening we drove back to West Memphis, drank some more, ate leftovers and finally said our goodbyes. I almost forgot to return my family slides on the way out (we’d been in Jeremy’s car since Friday evening, so I hadn’t even thought of them), but luckilly I noticed them when I started packing our car back up in the driveway.

One more night in the mystery hotel and we were on the way home the next morning. We got about 150 miles in when the Check Engine light came on. Heather nosed around in the manual and decided it wasn’t as bad as if it was flashing, but we still looked up where the nearest dealership was. We found one in Little Rock and made a bit of a detour to get to it. It took them about an hour to fix the car but it was all waranteed so we didn’t have to pay anything. It would have been nice if we were in walking distance of any place to eat (other than a Kroger) since we were there around lunch and stuck not travelling. At least that way, we could have condensed our time off the road. I did get to see the new Subaru Tribeca. Its a luxury car alright – no doubts about it. I decided that if I was forced to get an SUV, it’d be the Tribeca (not the Murano as I had initially intended). I also got to see the new bed cover for the 2005 Baja. It was not big thrills. We skipped lunch (since we were forced to stop for repairs) and got home around 5:30. All in all, it was a good trip and I feel like the driving was worth it. Mom said she’s going to send us a refund for the one night in the hotel that I had to pay for, as well as gas money, so that makes it even more worth while.

Yesterday, my brother called me. It turns out that after talking about WoW while we were up there, he’s got an itch to try it out. If you have a 10 day free pass, I can hook him up with that so he can decide if it’s better than EQ2.

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Protected: Phone Post:

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I’m going to OwlCon tomorrow. I’m trying to figure out why I’m not as excited about it as I should be. I think it may be because it’s not Winter Fantasy. It may also be because I played so much RPGA the last two weeks, I’m already ready for a break. Maybe I’ll take a large chunk of this upcoming month off. I’d almost just rather stay home and play BG:DA2 all weekend but I’ve already registered and am set to play so I might as well suck it up and go. Especially since I’m the driver. 😉

Actually, I think it’s mostly because of the money problem. We’ve not been doing well so far this year (and it’s only a month into it). I think we’re just still reeling from Christmas and the trip, even though we both did really well at keeping in our budgets for gifts and what not. I think a lot of this feeling may be coming from now much I got screwed by the bank at the end of January. I’m hoping February will be nicer to me, maybe I’ll be more positive at the end of the month.

Anyway, they’re doing a key audit on campus and I think I’m about to get screwed by that. They’re claiming I have keys that I think I either returned, exchaged, or was never given. Example: why the fuck would I ever have two building master keys? I didn’t lose one, I never got a replacement, and even if I did, I wouldn’t have two assigned to me. I don’t know if I can argue this because it’s like fighting red tape, it doesn’t submit, it has no emotion, it just sticks and lives to tie you down. I’m going to tear through some of my standard “key homes” tonight and see what I’ve got. Two master keys, I guess I’m a double master of the building then. Sheesh

It’s been a good day so far today (key audit aside). I’ve been working off and on and have been overly successful at pretty much all the taks I’ve set out to do today. It’ll be a good way to end the week (a day early I might add). Now all I have to do is pack and make plans to pick everyone up (better send that email). Hmm, wonder how much I can make as a gigolo on Rice university during a con. I gotta eat ya know.

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Looks rather one sided, don’t you think?

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