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“Vagina Junction, what’s your function…”

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“…taking in sperm and spitting out babies!”

Protected: I doubt you’ll ever see this, but I somehow feel the need to speak

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bored bored bored

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Well, we’re back at work after a nice, week long break and I have to say, I liked being on break better. I was actually more productive at home than I am at work and it’s not for a lack of trying, a lot of it comes down to waiting for something to break. I mean we do a fair ammount of preventative maintenance here, but really, most of our work is all about emergency response (I can’t print, I can’t log in, my computer’s on fire). Yesterday was spent mostly, well hell, I can’t even remember what I was doing yesterday. I know I did a lot of the same thing for a bunch of different people… oh yeah, I was dealing with Mac Laptops and the on-campus hardware support guys off and on all day. It wasn’t too bad, kept me busy. Today’s been a lot slower even though the lab’s been a zoo, every time I go in there I expect a Gorrilla to break out and start throwing small children (too soon? maybe, oh well, call me a heartless bastard if you want).

Anyway, so most of the day I’ve spent putting together my auction for my old Clié so that we can start making up for the too much money I spent since we got our tax return. I overspent my share of the return on the new Clié and was supposed to put up the auction for the old one a couple weeks ago, but I was lazy and didn’t do it until today. I’m really hoping I get over $100 for it because we need the money. I also need to sell my Belkin Router since I bought a new Wireless router. That should hopefully bring in a few dollars as well as process all my rebates for the wireless stuff. I’m gonna try to do that tonight.

Oh well, Steve’s wanting to go to 7/11 and since I didn’t get lunch, I’m ready to go too… I think I’ll camp at Derek’s until it’s actually time to go home too. Fuck this lame ass shit.

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damn you Semagic, why do you keep flashing when you have no news for me?

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Shit my heart is racing. I’ve been digging up old arguments and hatred and it’s got me really worked up. For better or worse, I’m at least feeling more alive, even if it is a little light headed.

I’m So Bored I’m Taking Quizes…

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Stolen from zoemunke

It’s more a survey than a Quiz

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