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I’m So Bored I’m Taking Quizes…

Stolen from zoemunke

::Have you Ever::
*. KISSED YOUR COUSIN? no (but is it bad to admit I’ve had at least one second cousin I would have?).
*. RAN AWAY? from a snake, yes.
*. BROKEN SOMEONE’S HEART? probably, but I was too stupid to realize what I missed out on.
*. HAD YOUR HEART BROKEN? I wasn’t a cool kid in school, so, yeah, a lot.
*. CRIED WHEN SOMEONE DIED? My dog when I was eleven.
*. BROKEN A BONE? Never (knock on wood)
*. DRANK ALCOHOL? I didn’t for a long time, but I’m making up for it now.
*. LIED: um, is this a trick question?
*. CRIED IN SCHOOL? I seem to remember doing so when I was very small.

::This or That::
*. COKE OR PEPSI? pepsi, all the way
*. SPRITE OR 7UP? 7up, less syrup-y
*. FLOWERS OR CANDY? I like to give flowers and get candy, but both cost too much and I’m po’
*. QUIET OR LOUD? It depends, who else is in the house?
*. BLONDES OR BRUNETTES? It depends, there are beautiful people with all colors of hair.
*. BITCHY OR SLUTTY? I’m bitchy, but I prefer slutty (okay, not really, but I like to think I do).
*. TALL OR SHORT? shorter than me, but I’m pretty tall.
*. JEANS OR SHORTS? I’d prefer shorts, but I need to present a good image and shorts don’t do that, so, uh, jeans?

::The Last Time You::
*. SHOWERED? this morning, but I didn’t wash my hair.
*. HAD A GREAT TIME WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX? Technically Sunday, but I always enjoy myself with her, even when were not “having a great time.”

::What Is::
*. YOUR GOOD LUCK CHARM? I don’t believe in charms
*. PERSON YOU HATE MOST? there is no single person, I hate all stupid people, people who get in my way, people who have no common sense, etc.
*. LUCKY NUMBERS? woudn’t this be a kind of charm?

::What is your favorite:: — this is going to be a bad section, I don’t really pick favorites, but I’ll do my best —
*. COLOR? it changes constantly. I’m partial to greens though.
*. MOVIE? shee-it, every genre has it’s own greatest movie.
*. BOOK? I don’t read, sorry.
*. SUBJECT IN SCHOOL? Film Production, unless you’re talking grade school, then it was art and band.
*. CARS? If I’m being practical, my Subaru Baja, if I’m dreaming, a Nissan 350Z
*. ICE CREAM? I eat it so seldom, almost all flavors are my favorite!
*. HOLIDAY? Small Christmases
*. SEASON? Spring and Fall (you know, the two we barely see in Texas?).
*. BREAKFAST FOOD? cereal, wait, no, pancakes, uh, eggs? crap, I dunno. I love breakfast, I just never have time to eat it.

*. MAKES YOU LAUGH THE MOST? movies actually, and life in general. I laugh at just about anything.
*. MAKES YOU SMILE? Heather, all day every day.
*. WHO HAS A CRUSH ON YOU? I don’t know, you tell me. 😉

::Do You Ever::
*. SIT BY THE PHONE WAITING FOR A PHONE CALL ALL NIGHT? not recently, but I have done so, yes.
*. SAVED AOL CONVERSATIONS? if by AOL you mean ICQ, then yes
*. SAVE E-MAILS? more than I should.
*. WISH YOU WERE SOMEONE ELSE? not exactly, I wish I could walk in someone esle’s shoes, but I’d still want to be me.
*. CRIED BECAUSE OF SOMEONE’S MEAN WORDS? It’s tough to recall, but I’m going to say probably.

::Have You::
*. FALLEN FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND? no, but I became best friends with someone I fell for…
*. MADE OUT WITH JUST A FRIEND? nope, everyone I’ve made out with meant something to me on some level.
*. BEEN IN LOVE? yes, now and forever.
*. BEEN IN LUST? every day, okay, not every day, but a lot of days.
*. USED SOMEONE? maybe. I might have been the one being used though.
*. BEEN USED? I”m kind of stupid and emotional when it comes to this, I may have been and not even noticed.
*. CHEATED ON SOMEONE?: regrettably, yes.
*. BEEN CHEATED ON? not to my knowledge.
*. BEEN KISSED? I love kissing. Especially the “first kiss.”
*. DONE SOMETHING YOU REGRET? what is life without regret?

::Who was the last person::
*. YOU TOUCHED? Steve I think (but not like that you dorks
*. YOU TALKED TO? In Person: Nick, Over IM: Craig, Over Email: Heather
*. YOU HUGGED? Heather
*. YOU IM’ed? oh, uh, Craig
*. WHO BROKE YOUR HEART? Heather, but she made it better.

::Do you::
*. COLOR YOUR HAIR? I have, and I’ve been considering it again.
*. HAVE TATTOOS? one, but I’m trying to figure out how to get more.
*. HAVE A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND? does my wife count?
*. EVER GET OFF THIS DAMN COMPUTER? 5:00 every day… then I move to another.

::Have you / do you / are you::
*. SMOKE? ugh, puh-leeze. My parents have as long as I’ve been a live, I can’t stand it.
*. OBSESSIVE? probably, I mean no, maybe just a little, why, who’s asking?
*. COMPULSIVE? not so much.
*. PANIC? only when things get really bad
*. ANXIETY? not as much as I panic, but more than I’m compulsive
*. DEPRESSED? yeah, more often than I wish
*. SUICIDAL? never have been, ever. honestly.
*. OBSESSED WITH HATE? only for very short periods of time… but then I get better.
*. DREAM OF MUTILATED BODIES, BLOOD, DEATH, AND GORE? yeah, sometimes, but I dream about a lot of things.
*. CAN YOU DO ANYTHING FREAKISH WITH YOUR BODY?? breath fire? light torches off my hands and tongue?
*. DO YOU PLUCK YOUR EYEBROWS? I did in highschool… I don’t care now.
*. DO YOU LIKE HAIRY BACKS? on a girl? yikes!
*. COULD YOU LIVE WITHOUT A COMPUTER? probably in time. (do I get to keep my wireless PDA?)
*. DO YOU USE ICQ, AOL, AIM, ETC..? ICQ mostly, but now I’ve at least got access to AIM and Y!
*. DO YOU WEAR SHOES IN THE HOUSE OR TAKE THEM OFF? barefoot even, unless it’s cold.
*. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FRUIT? I dunno, pears? shouldn’t this be under “Favorites?”
*. DO YOU EAT WHITE OR WHEAT BREAD? wheat, or multi grain. shoudln’t this be under “This or That?”
*. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT?? anywhere I can get to.
*. WHAT IS THE LAST MOVIE YOU SAW? at the Theater: Dawn of the Dead, at home: The Animal
*. ARE YOU PHOTOGENIC? I’d like to think so, but I’m not so sure anymore.
*. DO YOU DREAM IN COLOR OR BLACK AND WHITE? it depends on the dream
*. ARE YOU WEARING FINGERNAIL POLISH? not in the last 10 years.
*. DO YOU HAVE ANY DIMPLES? I think I have some on my butt.

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