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Well, we’re back at work after a nice, week long break and I have to say, I liked being on break better. I was actually more productive at home than I am at work and it’s not for a lack of trying, a lot of it comes down to waiting for something to break. I mean we do a fair ammount of preventative maintenance here, but really, most of our work is all about emergency response (I can’t print, I can’t log in, my computer’s on fire). Yesterday was spent mostly, well hell, I can’t even remember what I was doing yesterday. I know I did a lot of the same thing for a bunch of different people… oh yeah, I was dealing with Mac Laptops and the on-campus hardware support guys off and on all day. It wasn’t too bad, kept me busy. Today’s been a lot slower even though the lab’s been a zoo, every time I go in there I expect a Gorrilla to break out and start throwing small children (too soon? maybe, oh well, call me a heartless bastard if you want).

Anyway, so most of the day I’ve spent putting together my auction for my old CliĆ© so that we can start making up for the too much money I spent since we got our tax return. I overspent my share of the return on the new CliĆ© and was supposed to put up the auction for the old one a couple weeks ago, but I was lazy and didn’t do it until today. I’m really hoping I get over $100 for it because we need the money. I also need to sell my Belkin Router since I bought a new Wireless router. That should hopefully bring in a few dollars as well as process all my rebates for the wireless stuff. I’m gonna try to do that tonight.

Oh well, Steve’s wanting to go to 7/11 and since I didn’t get lunch, I’m ready to go too… I think I’ll camp at Derek’s until it’s actually time to go home too. Fuck this lame ass shit.

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