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Wednesday, March 10th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | 16 Comments

Well if mandroid and peggyblah are doing it, I guess it must be cool.

The ‘I Never’ Quiz

The Last Hurrah – End of Spring Break BBQ

Wednesday, March 10th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

We were talking to Julian (yeah, Julian, shut up, really), and we thought it would be cool to have a BBQ during spring break but the only day we seem to be able to agree on is the last Sunday of Spring Break. So Heather and I thought it would be cool to have a “Farewell to Spring Break” (neener neener neee-nerrr) BBQ so if you’re not doing anything and you forgot to drink over Spring Break, bring some thing to char and something to dring over to our place a week from this Sunday (March 21st), lets say, around 4-4:30? Yeah, that sounds good. Pass this info on to other people. So long as they’re not vandals, will leave when the party’s over, and don’t throw up in the house, invite them along. I don’t have Paul’s address, but you can invite him too I guess.

Wednesday, March 10th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | 5 Comments

Well, they didn’t dig up the walkway, but they were cutting the driveway as we left for work this morning. When we got home for lunch, I had to navigate over a nervously narrow steel plate that was spanning the gap in our driveway.

On the good side, there was also a cement truck by one of the driveways they’d ripped up previously so I’m confident that they will be concreting our driveways. Now I just have to see what happens to the grass..

Oh, and the Hammock is awesome, albeit a bit awkward until I learn how to sit in it. I plan to get a lot of practice in over Spring Break… A beer will get you a free ride on the hammock…

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