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and still NaNo continues

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I stay pretty optomistic about this the whole time, but there were a couple times I saw a dead end in the foreground. I would see it coming and realize if I kept on that path, I’d run out of story before I ran out of words so I had to make a quick left and find another path in the wandering wood. I’ve felt confident about most of my decisions, and those I haven’t felt great about, I realize I an fix in editing.

BTW, for those of you interested in reading this piece of literary exhastion, I’m going to hold onto it until January. I figure by then I’ll have at least edited it, or am distant enough from it to take the abusive criticism I’ve come to truly appreciate from you, my readers.

Anyway, as the project continues, I continues to eat away at my being and my soul. Even when I’m able to get a good nights sleep, the process of constantly creating is tiring at best, which is why I haven’t written in here. Not much else is going on anyway, I’m not playing CoH, I’m not visiting with people, I’m keeping up at work, but on backup generators, and I’m barely even watching TV or movies anymore. I still watch Lost and Long Way Round, but aside from that… not much. On Saturdays I usually have a TV watching marathon and clear off the Replay unit. Yay for Saturday.

My NaNo Report card say’s I’ll be done on the 23rd now. I don’t believe it but we’ll see.

Talk to you all IRL (those of you that I can).

mandroid, I can still say, with honesty, that your promise for a pitcher of Blue Moon is still a driving goal. I have two free burgers and fries at Rip Rocks which is the only place in town that had Blue Moon on tap.

300+ words wasted.

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Wow – beautiful background! I could stare at it for hours.

I laughed when I read the bit about abusive criticism. I understand entirely. I’ve usually shared things with friends immediately, but this time around, it’s too raw and too immense an effort to throw out there for shredding right away. I need to spend more time with it and yet, somehow, develop a greater distance from it. Guess I’ll just see how THAT works out! Ahem.

I chose the background because while I’m now pretty much permenantly rooted in Texas, I still miss the trees of New England.

I’ve got a really trusted friend reading my excerpts and he’s shown a real and genuine interest in the final product. I’m actually antsy to give him the novel when it’s done… but I still need to go back and add more even when I finish the 50K. I’ve already got a list of passages and side plots that need to be expanded. I’m saving them for the possibility that I don’t have enough main story to make 50K, but I really think they’re going to be extra (albeit necesary).

I understand that desire, too – I toyed with the idea of sending it off to my sister and her husband, but was only stopped short by the fact they’re both so busy right now. I’m glad for that, too, because I do at least want to give it the once-over.

I missed a few things, too, and I kept a list of 9 or 10 things I really have to address for the story to be complete. I’ll figure out where to place those after I’ve written them. And I want to add clips between segments, so… these are all things I suppose I should do before I send the draft off. I would like to share it with my sis, though, seeing as parts of the story are those I very much share with her.

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