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Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE should watch this video.


The song is “Underwear Goes Inside the Pants” and its by Lazyboy. The comedy is by Greg Giraldo. You can buy the song on MusicMatch or Itunes for 99ยข, or you can just go buy the whole album.

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yeah, this totally deserves the ‘Meat’ pic. Entertaining and though provoking. So anyone know who the comic is that did this? Sounds kinda like Dennis Leary’s type of material, but doesn’t sound quite like him.

I was just telling K that its a very interesting thing when you know its done by a stand up comic, but without the ‘audience laughter’ the stand up sounds quite serious. Interesting how humer as a social commentary strikes true.

and you can buy the song off of MusicMatch and ITunes… he has a CD too.

Actually, my favorite bit is that he’s one of the main members of Aqua (I’m a Barbie Girl)

I think his name is Greg Giraldo, or Josh something. He was one of the guys that was on Tough Crowd on Comedy Central a lot. Pretty funny stuff. He did the same stuff for a stand up show on comedy cen., but it was more funny then serious sounding there. Which makes you so right ;).

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