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Wow, I’m in a bad way. I got home at 8:00 tonight and as much as I tried to start writing shortly after dinner, it’s now almost Midnight and I’ve barely gotten 400 words so far. I want to get my word count in tonight, but I have a job to do in my real world.

Ugh, I could never have anticipated this night. I’m sick to my stomach about it. Hopefully that’ll make for good writing.

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I totally missed my word count on Tuesday because of real world work too. It was pathetic. I didn’t know what they hell to do with my characters (I knew this part of the story would be kind of touch and go) so I took my MC grocery shopping. How fricking lame is that?! It turns out it sort of worked in the end, but still, those were the most AGONIZING 1,200 words I’ve ever written.

I think your NaNo “stressed” icon sums how were all feeling quite nicely.

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