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What the hell is the point of fanfic? most if it is tripe… the rest is just homosexual erotica.

I don’t get it, and yet people are NaNo-ing it?

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Hey, man, don’t go knocking homosexual erotica. It has its place in the world, which is on my bedside table.

Also, remember that the whole point of NaNo is to get something written. Anyone with the discipline to finish 50,000 words of fanfic should be applauded because they accomplished what they set out to do in NaNo.

Lastly, just because you don’t like fanfic doesn’t mean it’s not “real” writing. Gone with the Wind was called a “piece of ponderous trash” when it was published. To some folks, science fiction or fantasy is a waste of time. Still more hate romance novels. None of us is going to win the Pulitzer this month so we shouldn’t kid ourselves. There’s no need to judge anybody on what they choose to write, ‘kay?

Fanfic is almost like saying “I don’t have the ability to write compelling characters, create a world, or come up with a beliveable history…but I’m still a good writer”

You know, I am one of those fanfic NaNo-ers, and I still don’t really get fanfic. For the most part, I prefer to write my own thing. The fanfic I am doing is the only one I ever plan on writing. It was an idea that hit me, where it fit into an established setting better than trying to create my own. Much less hassle to write an Evangelion fanfic than to try to create the exact setting from scratch, you know?

Glad to know no judgment was intended. Because of the prejudice some people have towards some kinds of writing, I always feel dorky whenever someone sees me reading a romance novel. I feel like I have to defend myself by saying, “The characters are very well developed and the plot’s intricate and engaging and there’s really very little sex and it’s incredibly well-written and you would not believe the research these writers do…aw, fuck it.”

I guess you’re right…none of us will ever completely “get” anybody else. 🙂

I don’t write fanfics, but I’ve read some. I would add to the other reasons people have given for writing fanfics, some people enjoy the characters created in a setting or (more often) empathize with a few aspects of a character and wish to explore the non-cannon possibilities. Some people are just ego-petting themselves, but if thats what they need more power to them, others are actually interested in the ‘what-if’s of the their own ideas.

[shrug] When a seriel or series has four to fourty writers all adding to the gestalt base that makes up the characters and setting- its just an interactive form of enjoyment in alot of ways.

I think fanfic *is* worthwhile. It gives people the opportunity to write who might not have done so otherwise. Sure, there’s some crap out there, but there’s also some gems that I still go back an read.


Technically all the Star Wars books are fanfic (except that they were liscenced and published). They are fans writing to expand a setting they love. In the Star Wars example, the books are the best parts of the story …

Me neither…

I guess I understand why people do it, but it’s not my bag. Although I have to say, I am forever scarred regarding Harry Potter. I accidentally read some fan-fic about sex between Snape and Hermione…the image was burned in my retina before I could click “back”.

I gotta draw the line at the stuff w/kids. Just….ew.

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