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Jesus, today’s shaping up to be a piss poor day. I’ve had all kinds of computer problems of my own without even dealing with anyone else’s problems.

And while I didn’t intend on writing regularly at work, I feel like I’m already losing ground on the Novel, even though I’m techincally ahead of schedule on day two.

We went to the Rec Center last night and they screwed up the clocks so instead of being set back an hour on Sunday, they were set forward, so they ended up being two hours off. When we got to the rec center, it was (supposedly) 7:45. I hate getting home at 7:00 from working out, let along getting to the rec center well after 7. I had to work hard to keep my mind focused on the fact that the clock was two hours ahead. The workout wasn’t too bad otherwise. I had to wait on a couple of machines, but otherwise it went pretty smoothly. I’m not sure quite what’s happening as far as the challenge level though. I haven’t really changed the weights at all, but the last couple times I’ve gone, it’s felt harder and like more of a workout, which I guess is good, but a little confusing. Maybe I just didn’t eat as many calories for lunch so I didn’t have the fuel to keep on keeping on.

I’ve been considering putting the biking on hold for a bit for a couple of reasons. One, now that time has shifted forward, it’s dark even before I get to the rec center and I don’t really want to ride in the dark. Two, they’ve ripped up another intersection on University, this time its the one that I ride across on my bike and I’m not really looking forward to rerouting. Third, it’s been cold and rainy for weeks. So I’m probably going to use some of the extra time I rack up by coming in to work 15 minutes early everyday, to head out to the gym a little early every T/Th and work out before Heather heads home. I just need to get over there early enough that I can lift all my weights and do a bit of cardio to boot.

Anyway, the office is quieting down for lunch, timesheets are done, so I’m going to see if I can crank out 200-500 words. kaceywrites

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