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Crazy good, unexpected night last night, but as details are not entirely my own, I’m not at liberty to discuss them. Lets just say that the night started out kind of bad, but four hours after going to bed, things got much better. Though sleep afterwards was sporadic at best. Still woke up strangely early in the end, about 7:30. It was early enough it was still cool and comfortable outside so I sat outside for an hour reading The Crystal Shard.

When I went outside, I did notice that Knight hadn’t eaten anything since I gave him dinner last night. I don’t know why he’s not eating. Maybe he just doesn’t like the food we bought him. Hopefully its that and he’s not sick. I do need to take him to the vet this month, so I may talk to the doctor about his eating habits, but I really think he’s just finicky. He nuzzles through his bowl as if he’s looking for a different flavor or something. I need to start keeping track of what food flavors we buy so when he doesn’t like one, I know which one not to buy again.

I feel like I need a new Userpic to be my default, but I can’t come up with anything. I’m sure I’ll think of something soon though.

Anyway, so yesterday was a pretty good day overall. We watched some movies and TV. We gave the dogs baths, which they were both very good dogs for it. Then, to partially reward them and also to keep them from rolling in the back yard and getting dirty right away, we took them for a walk. It was hot, but not horrible and we probably walked a couple miles, even though I realized after we were almost home, that I acually had my GPS on me which would have been nice to at least see how far we actually walked. Then when we came home, I think Heather and I both intended to actually do stuff around the house, but we were so hot, we just collapsed in the living room. We watched some more TV, ordered food, waited 45 minutes for mine to arrive and then another 45 mintues for them to bring Heather her correct order, and then watched another movie. I think I watched three movies yesterday.

So I’ve been wanting to get a new Cell Phone but techinally there’s nothing wrong with mine. I have reached the point where Sprint will give me a $150 rebate on a new phone, and I could get a good picture phone for like $70, but Heather and I have the same phone and that’s very conventient. Her phone isn’t up for rebate until March though… I will either finally break down, but I think it would be best if I waited.

What the hell happened to The Screen Savers! It’s ugly and has a completely new feel. It feels hackneyed and almost more amateurish than it was before. It’s like it’s going backwards in quality. Ugh, I can’t get over how bad this is, I mean really. Even the old personalities who are still there (Kevin, Dan, Sarah, etc.) feel like they’ve lost all their professionalism. First they dumped Leo when G4 first bought out TechTV, now Patrick is gone and replaced by this dip wad in a camo jacket. Fuck. Damn you G4, damn you straight to hell.

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