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Whoooo. I finally have time to sit and write something in livejournal. Lets think of something to write.

Hmmm. Okay, so I’ve been playing a lot of City of Heroes. Uh, most people don’t want to hear about it, and those that do, I’ve pretty much talked to in person.

Finally got back out to the Rec Center yesterday. I say finally, but it’s only been since Thursday, but I skipped Sunday and I could feel it. I mean, I didn’t skip as much as Steve did (well, okay, actually, we skipped the same, but he usually goes on Friday too), but it was still noticable. I didn’t go on Sunday because Heather and I were going to go for a bike ride and I figured that would make up for skipping a leg workout at the gym. Little did I know that our ride would be me putzing along waiting on, or slowly following behind Heather. I mean, I know she’s not up to the same level of biking I am, but come on, I thought I’d at least feel like I did a little work. For as much as I could feel it in my legs, and as much as my heart rate increased, I might as well have been one of those guys in the 1800’s riding those bikes with the really big wheel in the front, wearing a suit to church. I was sweaty, but that was mostly from the humidity.

Did I mention I finished painting the main walls in the office at home? I almost didn’t have enough paint and so long as I don’t stare at the walls, that’ll be my story, and I’ll be sticking to it because I don’t want to paint it anymore. I really should have painted the walls in a different order because one is going to be almost completely covered, I only painted it so that if any color did show through the fabric, it’d be the right color and so until we get the fabric and chinese doors up or if we ever take them down, the wall is consistent. But had I at least saved that wall ’til the end, if it wasn’t painted so good, it wouldn’t matter at all. As it turns out, I saved the wall that’s most visible from the hall for last and it was really noticable that I hadn’t dont a good job so heather and I spent a little while Friday evening scraping the last of the paint out of the can to finish it. Now I just need to figure out what to do for the baseboards. I still don’t have to do that until Heather finishes the floor, which it’s looking like she may not get done in time. Maybe I’ll move the computer to the living room for the time being so that when my parents come, they won’t have my computer in the room they’ll be staying in (oh, and so I can play City of Heroes and Heather can still watch TV without feeling like she can’t watch shows we record for us both).

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