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I feel bad that I’ve been neglecting LJ lately, but really all I would do is blather on about CoH and I know none of you want to read about that.

So we’ll just say I’m on “Vacation” and leave it at that.

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Okay, two posts in one day and you call it “vacation”? Dang, my LJ must be in cold stasis then. :p hehe

And for those of us w/out CoH and who want it, your form of second hand smoke is not altogether unpleasant. 😉

Re: Vacation?

I’ve made the offer to everyone else so far… if you want to come by and play it for a while just to see if it’s all people say it is, you’re more than welcome. There are like 12 servers and I can have 10 characters on each. Come, see, play, get hooked.

Re: Vacation?

I was mostly referring to the lack of commenting I’ve been doing and the lack of “meat” in my own posts. I keep sitting down to try and make a post and all I can think of is what I did in City of Heroes the day before.

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