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Last night I was plagued by, in my opinion, pretty odd dreams. I remember only a few details now, hours after waking, but they’re the ones that stick out the most.

The most unusual thing I remember dreaming was being bored out of my skull. I think it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when you’re bored all day, even on your day off, and then when you sleep, and dream, you continue to be bored. I remember pacing up and down the house, looking for something to do, until I paced my way to Target where I found some people sitting at a table and I convinced them to play Magic. they didn’t have any Magic cards, so we took some laminated pieces of paper (exactly like the ones I got Scott Kurtz and Gabe to draw on a couple weeks ago) and drew a bunch of Magic cards on them. Unfortunately, by the third game, all the markings had worn off and we couldn’t play anymore.

It wasn’t so bad though, because then I had to go pick up my parents from the airport. Heather (who appeared out of no where) and I left Target through the mall entrance (whatever) and headed out to the car. Walking through the halls of the mall, which was really part of an airport (like the mini mall many airports have) I got a call from my dad saying they were going to be flying in to a different mall. We hurried to the car, but passed two people that looked almost exactly like my parents, only the woman was younger than my mom, and the man had longer hair, and only a moustache (no beard). I noticed them as they walked out of a store and saw that the man threw a receipt in the trash. I ran over, grabbed the reciept and noticed that it was a credit card carbon, you know, one of the old style ones where they actually made an impression of your card? Well, his name was Kenneth E. Close I. Wierd, I had to go talk to him. I walked up and let him know that it was a bad idea to just drop those carbons in the trash like that, and then said, “You wanna see something crazy?” I pulled out my wallet and showed him my driver’s license, joking about how I was the D model and he was the, lesser, cheaper E model, to which he took offense and they ran out of the mall.

I can’t remember where it went from there, but I really don’t recall ever getting to my parents.

I just though it was a wierd, and interesting dream. I’ve been trying harder and harder to remember dreams when I wake up. I’m getting better, but it’s still hard. I think part of it has to be done while you’re sleeping, while your dreaming. You have to comment to yourself in the dream. I remember saying things like “how sad is this that I’m still bored” and “wow, they really look like my parents.” So something must be working.

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