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Full Throttle

God I love this game. Thank God for ScummVM!

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That game was beautiful in every way. From the “Your door was stuck” to the bartender after kicking it in, to the “Open up…” and the quips to the guy in the trailer. Damned hilarious! I had such hopes when they announced a sequel and then a day of remorse when they cancelled it. *sigh*

So are you playing this now to alleviate said boredom of the night before?

I was playing it and got obsessed with finding out how to extract the FMVs. It took me a while but with a combination of ScummVM and Snagit, I was able to actually capture running video. Snagit worked so well, I’m actually tempted to buy it when I have $40 to spend on software I don’t really need.

I’m a bit concerned about Psychonauts, though. From everything I’ve seen and read, it just doesn’t have the same feel. I think the perfect game has to have Tim Schafer, but also has to be a Scumm Game.

oh yeah. it’s not an adventure game, it’s a platformer. so that’s obviously going to change things a bit.

he’s doing what he thinks he has to do to have a truly successful game in the market. he’s probably right, although I don’t think taking so long to make the game was really that good of a move. heh.

Well, that and platformers are really shaky these days. It seems like action adventure games are doing better than platformers, and that’s what he excells at. WTF?

Supposedly this Christmas season, but since uh, they don’t exactly have a publisher anymore (well, there’s a rumor that they got one in the past week, but nothing solid) that’s sort of up in the air.

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